The Writer’s Strike and Advertising

As Hollywood studios and producers negotiate with the Writers Guild of America, primetime programming on the major networks has turned to endless reruns. A recent article in the NY Post stated “A survey from ad-buying firm Carat found that just 16 percent of primetime viewers said they would continue to watch their favorite TV shows in repeats. The other 84 percent said they either “would not” or “may not” watch shows in repeats. Of those, 54 percent said they would go online instead, followed by those who said they would channel surf until they found something interesting.” This could be a great opportunity to reach new clients with cable advertising.

With more viewers searching for entertainment, cable ratings will be on the rise. Many cable networks are debuting new reality programs, or offering classic episodes of popular series. In short, cable is going to benefit from the major network’s misfortune. This allows advertisers to reach more people for the same advertising rates. If you aren’t advertising this month, it’s not too late to get on the air and take advantage of this opportunity. If you are advertising, you may want to consider adding specific networks or programs that are generating a buzz.

If you’d like to explore your options, call my office to discover the most effective course of action. We can review schedules and networks that will help you attract new clients and maximize your budget.