Advertise with The New York Times’ “Sophisticated Shopper – Run of Email” program

The New York Times has 17 distinct e-newsletters that are sent out on a weekly or daily basis. These emails cover a wide variety of topics, including politics, health, money, entertainment and headlines. All subscribers opt-in to these lists and can be targeted by county of residence.

Through the “Sophisticated Shopper – Run of Email” program, the Times can get your ad into the mailboxes of active, affluent consumers who are seeking more information about new products and services. The ad is a cube, large by industry standards (336 x 280 pixels), and is situated just below the fold of the email. The program works by taking your ad and dropping it into whatever space is available, in any of the e-newsletters, during a particular date range. Since advertisers are unable to target by a specific email topic, the pricing for this program is more affordable. This remnant space pricing provides exposure for advertisers that may not otherwise be able to afford placing their message in front of the Times’ readers. We recommend this advertising opportunity for businesses looking to target more affluent audiences in specific counties.

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The PRMG Looking for Strategic Partnerships


The Public Relations and Marketing Group (PRMG) is seeking complementary businesses and individuals to join with our firm in strategic partnerships. Would need to join us on site. Exchange rate for services and referrals. Potential rent-free opportunity. Partnerships sought include: event planning, fundraising, video production, business strategists and executive coaches.

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(Social Media) Timing is Everything: When to Blog, Tweet and More


The popular link-shortening service Bitly recently released a study determining the best times to post on various social networking services, based on their real-time link tracking data. They based this study on click-through rates, virality of posts and sharing rates that occurred at different times of the day (Eastern Time) and different days of the week. As this study supports, the time or day that you post something can have a significant impact on who views it, how much it gets shared and how many times it gets viewed. This article will provide readers with a guide of the best times to post on FacebookTwitterTumblr and blogs.

Facebook — The main thing to remember about Facebook is to avoid posting on weekends, starting on Friday afternoons. According to Bitly, the highest average click-through rates for posts containing links on Facebook are between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. More specifically, posts on Wednesdays have shown to be most effective.

Twitter — Similar to Facebook, it’s best to avoid tweeting on weekends if you want to secure as many click-throughs and shares as you can. The best time to post on Twitter is between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, since these are peak traffic times. Like Facebook, it’s ineffective to tweet at night, specifically after 9:00 p.m., on any day, and after 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Tumblr — Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr users seem to be on an entirely different schedule. Bitly found that on Tumblr, posts sent between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Fridays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays received the most clicks and shares among users.

Blogs — According to Shareaholic, the leading global social share widget, the most sharing of blog entries takes place on Thursdays with 10% more shares than any other day. If you’re looking for page views, the best days to blog are Mondays and Tuesdays. As for the best time of day to blog, various sources have found that the best time to update your blog is during the morning or early afternoon on weekdays.

Of course, it’s impossible to make sure you’re at your computer desk to post at these exact times. This is where social media publishing tools come in. By using programs such asHootSuiteTweetdeck or Social Oomph to update social media profiles, you can schedule posts in advance and make sure they’re updated at the exact times you prefer them to appear. You can also schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future on WordPressBlogger and other popular blogging platforms. For more information on these helpful programs, refer to our article, “Social Media Publishing 101.”

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Advertising Spotlight: Newsday’s New York Mets 50th Anniversary Commemorative Special Section

Newsday: New York Mets’ 50th Anniversary Commemorative Special Section

Newsday will be publishing a commemorative special section to celebrate the New York Mets’ 50th anniversary on Friday, May 25. The full color pull-out will be printed on bright white paper and available to all subscribers and readers just in time for Banner Day, on Sunday, May 27. Memorialize your support for the Mets and their fans with an ad. We recommend this section especially for organizations looking to reach an enthusiastic male audience and for any business currently advertising on television during baseball games.

All ads will run in both Nassau and Suffolk counties and full-run rates are significantly discounted from regular retail rates, with a color full page costing less than $9,300 (as compared to over $21,000 for the same ad in a typical Friday edition). A half page is going for $5,575 and a quarter page for $3,350. For black-and-white ads, subtract 15%.

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5 Web Skills Every Public Relations Professional Should Have


More than ever before, we live in an age of lightning-fast exchanges of news and a seemingly endless stream of information at our fingertips. While traditional public relations techniques are still important, being able to adapt to recent Web and social media trends is essential for success in this industry. The ability to create content, build relationships and convey information is as important as ever, but there are a variety of new, digital methods to doing this. This article will provide you with an overview of five important skills that every public relations professional should have, including creating content for online sources, proactive monitoring, visual communications, adaptation and consistency.

  1. Online Content Creation — It has always been important for public relations professionals to create strong and compelling content but, especially in this age, it is equally important to optimize this content for the Web. Even if your online press releases or social media updates contain quality content and writing, your efforts will go unrecognized if no one can find it online. Using methods to optimize your content for search engines will help your content get found. Make sure to always include keywords throughout your copy and include hyperlinks and relevant tags whenever possible. For more information on content creation and search engine optimization, read our articles, “Why Quality Content Reigns Supreme” and “What You Need to Know About SEO.”
  2. Proactive Monitoring — It’s important to set aside some time for a Web and social media monitoring strategy to keep informed of what’s being said online. For anyone in the field of communications, it’s helpful to monitor conversations, mentions of brands and businesses and current trends and to get involved in online discussion groups. If you haven’t already, set up Google Alerts for phrases that either interest you or are related to your business or clients. For example, create alerts for business names, products and areas that you want to receive updates from. Always keep yourself informed with what’s being said about your business or client on the Web and stay up-to-date with industry updates and tips on how to grow professionally. For more information, please refer to our articles, “Social Media Publishing 101” and “How to Monitor Your Facebook and Twitter Success.”
  3. Visual Communications — Strong visuals have always been powerful in regards to public relations efforts. Many people are able to connect stories and information more easily on a visual level rather than through text alone. Infographics, charts and traditional photographs have become immensely popular online thanks to the rise in photo sharing websites such as PinterestFlickr and Instagram, which can be downloaded on iPhone or Android devices. It’s important to include a multimedia element, such as a photo, video or graph, in press releases, social media updates and blog posts whenever possible. You may even consider creating a Flickr or Pinterest account to store and categorize your photos. For more information on the importance of visual communications, refer to our article, “How Photo Sharing Sites Can Help Your Business.” Public relations professionals should be able to harness multimedia to engage audiences and encourage them to share this content.
  4. Adaptation — Especially in the ever-changing realm of social media, there are constantly new updates and tools to be explored. With Twitter redesigning its interface and Facebook’s new Timeline for business pages, professionals should be prepared for these changes and implement new strategies and techniques accordingly. Being able to adapt and take advantage of new tools can keep you one step ahead of the competition.
  5. Consistency — With the majority of online and social media outlets, it’s imperative to find the right balance with your efforts. If you don’t update your pages enough, your efforts will go unnoticed. Yet on the other hand, if you overdo it with postings that are too frequent, you could push your audience away and this could work against you. It’s essential to commit to a consistent updating schedule. Updates don’t have to be exact, but at least have a loose idea of how often you should update each platform. For example, blogs should be updated twice a week while Twitter should be updated daily, if possible.

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Advertising Spotlight on Milieu: Long Island Press’ New Bimonthly Supplement for Women

In March, the Long Island Press published its new women’s supplement, Milieu, for the first time. It was well-received by women between the ages of 30 and 55 across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. This month, 80,000 copies of Milieu will be distributed as a pullout in the Press. Milieu will be distributed to more than 2,100 Long Island locations (including 4,000 copies handed out at Penn Station to homebound commuters, 10,000 home-delivered in Nassau and 5,000 mailed to female-targeted locations).

Women are making buying decisions for their families and companies, now more than ever. With content designed to pique the interests of successful local opinion leaders, Milieu delivers your message with confidence and grace. If your business targets women, or if you want to reach Long Island’s decision makers, you should consider advertising in this new and vibrant publication.

Display ads will run in both counties, and in the digital edition. Rates start at $195 for an eighth of a page, and go up to $1,200 for a full page. All ads are in color and can run in one county for 65% of the island-wide rate.

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Advertising Spotlight: Knicks Playoffs Packages

This weekend may have been the start of the New York Knicks’ playoff season, but it is not too late to get in on the action! Cablevision is still offering a few discounted packages to advertisers that are looking to capitalize on the excitement of the Knicks playoffs.

Twenty-spot packages for Round 1 start at just $405 for the Riverhead zone. Advertisers get five in-game spots on MSG, five 9 a.m.-midnight rotators on MSG, five on ESPN News and five more on ESPN Classic. This offers the frequency needed to reach fans at a low discounted price; island-wide, this package costs $7,000. Compare that to the retail rate of $1,360 per spot for island-wide Round 1 playoff games — the rotators are basically free.

The excitement and the ratings increase when the Knicks get to Round 2! The same package will run at $505 in Riverhead and $8,800, island-wide. These island-wide spots retail at $1,725 each.

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Top Five LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid


LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented service and allows users to network and keep in touch with business contacts and potential clients. When used properly, LinkedIn can help members build stronger personal relationships to facilitate more direct contact and business opportunities. This article will explain several common mistakes that can impact the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Those who are new to LinkedIn can first read our article, “Making the Right Connections with LinkedIn.”

  1. Having an Incomplete Profile — Having a LinkedIn profile that is 100 percent complete with an accurate description of your professional experience, skills and qualifications will help to optimize your LinkedIn profile and establish your professional identity online. In today’s technological world, a LinkedIn profile is becoming the new resume. To complete your profile, add a photo, list your professional work experience with accurate dates and responsibilities, include skills and expertise keywords in each section and request professional recommendations from your connections.
  1. Not Participating in LinkedIn Groups — There are no benefits to joining dozens of groups on LinkedIn and then not participating in group discussions. LinkedIn Groups are powerful online networking tools for business professionals. We recommend searching for groups that are related to your industry or groups that your potential customers and clients are likely to be active in. Once you’ve requested to join, start participating in discussions and sharing your professional expertise. Users can also participate in the LinkedIn Answers section, when appropriate. By answering other users’ questions in this section, you can boost your authority, online reputation and exposure.
  1. Not Requesting or Giving Recommendations — To build authority on your profile, always request professional recommendations from your contacts and return the favor. These can greatly enhance your profile by giving potential clients and business contacts a clear indication of the quality of your company’s work.
  1. Not Having a Custom URL — One of the most overlooked yet valuable features of LinkedIn is that users can create a customized URL for their profile in place of the default URL. By creating a customized URL with either your full name or your business’ name, prospective clients or customers will have a better chance of finding and recognizing your account. To customize your URL on LinkedIn, click here and then “Customize Your Public Profile URL.”
  1. Requesting to Connect with People You Don’t Know — We don’t recommend sending emails to users who you have never met or spoken to. In some cases, this can get you banned from LinkedIn if enough people report “I don’t know this person.” If you want to connect with someone who you don’t know personally, see if there are any shared connections who may be able to introduce you. You can also develop relationships with users through the LinkedIn Groups’ discussion boards and then send an invitation to connect once you are comfortable enough to do so.

Most of all, it’s important to stay as active as possible on LinkedIn. At a minimum, users should make sure that their profile is 100% complete and use about a half hour per week to browse through LinkedIn Groups and join in the conversation. By consistently updating your LinkedIn profile, maintaining your company page and participating in group discussions, you’ll find that this social networking site is essential when it comes to online marketing, especially for B2B professionals.

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