Advertising During the Summer 2012 Olympics

The Olympic Games will return to London for the Summer 2012 Games of the XXX Olympiad from July 27th — August 12th, 2012. Advertising during the Olympic Games can give your business exposure to a wider audience as viewers tune in to watch some of the greatest athletes in the world compete for their country. We have worked with both Cablevision and Verizon FiOS to put together recommended packages for advertising during this exciting time.

Cablevision is offering 30-second spots that will feature a 20-second tune-in message for the Olympics followed by a 10-second voice-over naming your company as a proud advertiser of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games from London. These spots will run 250 times across your choice of targeted networks such as Discovery, A&E, MTV, SNY, or CMT. Also included are 112 customer commercial spots that will run during Olympic programs on CNBC, MSNBC, NBCS and Bravo Network. This package is available in North Nassau County for $3,450, South Nassau County for $4,140, Huntington for $2,415, Babylon for $2,415, Hauppauge for $3,795, Brookhaven for $2,415 and Riverhead for $2,185.

Verizon FiOS is offering a total of 700 spots, each lasting 30 seconds, on the NBC networks MSNBC, CNBC, NBCS and Bravo Network that will air during a variety of times during the Olympic Games. Also included is an online component. This package is available for Suffolk County for $9,200, North Nassau County for $6,900 and South Nassau County for $11,500. Smaller packages featuring fewer spots are also available.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement for the Summer 2012 Olympics or would like details regarding rates and pricing, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email

Advertising at the Pennysaver Theater (Brookhaven Amphitheater)

Pennysaver Theater at Bald Hill, formerly Brookhaven Amphitheater, is an outdoor venue located in Farmingville which hosts events from concerts and plays to car shows and carnivals, and can accommodate close to 9,000 people. They are currently preparing for the 2012 Summer Concert Series and have advertising and sponsorship opportunities available. Sponsorships are available on a full season or per-event basis and may include full sponsorship of the event, sponsorship of a seating area, or smaller aspects of the event. Full single-show sponsorships start at $10,000 and include radio advertising on the JVC Broadcasting stations WRCN, Party 105.3, My Country 96.1, and LaFiesta. Banners, signs and stage wrappings are also available starting at $750 for a 10 x 10 display for one event.

Advertising at the Pennysaver Theater would give your business the opportunity to be seen by hundreds to thousands of people at the various events, as well as the chance to build a strong community presence and reputation. Pricing is flexible based on the level of sponsorship. The following is a list of upcoming concerts and events for the summer 2012 season:

7/3/12 – My Country’s Freedom Fest
7/4/12 – Long Island Philharmonic/Grucci Firework Show
7/6/12 – Freestyle Explosion
7/7/12 – WRCN Monsters of Mock
7/8/12 – The Producers
7/10/12 – The Wizard of Oz
7/27-7/29 – Cole Bros Circus
7/31/12 – Cinderella
8/10/12 – Disco Fever
8/11/12 – Mega Jam
8/14/12 – Pink a licious
8/19/12 – Street Wheelz Car Show
8/25/12 – Fieston
9/8/12 – Kraft Beer Tasting/Sublime
9/16/12 – LI Southern Jam
9/21/12 – Old School Show
9/22/12 – Vets Rock
9/28/12 – Day Glow

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LinkedIn Debuts New Capabilities


On June 19, LinkedIn announced that companies are now able to send targeted status updates to followers of their company pages. Aiming to increase company engagement on LinkedIn, users can now tailor the way they communicate with followers and help meet their unique needs.

Thanks to this new capability, businesses are now able to update their company pages through the popular social media publishing giant, HootSuite. This is incredibly convenient for businesses and marketers since it’s now easier than ever to update multiple social media platforms in one place.

One of LinkedIn’s challenges has been that, compared to other social media platforms, users are less engaged and typically spend less time on the site. For example, according to Nielsen, visitors to LinkedIn averaged only 16 minutes and 46 seconds on the site in April while Facebook saw visitors spend an average of more than seven hours on the site in one month alone.

However, with these new updates, LinkedIn users should enable better listening and engagement between companies and professionals. Like with all social media, the power lies in exploring new frontiers, making connections and developing relationships with people.

For more information on using LinkedIn to market your business, refer to our articles, “Making the Right Connections with LinkedIn,” and “Top Five LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid.”

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Advertise with Cablevision This 4th of July

Cablevision is offering a customizable 4th of July greeting commercial that can be tagged to include a voice over, your company logo and contact information. We have put together a recommended package with Cablevision that would give your company 12 spots per week, over a three week period for a total of 108 spots and would air between 9 a.m. and midnight throughout Cablevision’s systems in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Ads that are part of this recommended package would air on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Each ad will run for 15 seconds. The total cost of this package is $7,740.

Click here to view a sample video.

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How to Measure Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI

Measuring your business’ social media return on investment (ROI) is essential if you are looking to analyze the value social media can bring to your organization. Social media ROI is notoriously difficult to truly measure because there is the question of whether or not financial return really indicates its true value. Many marketers find more value in social media’s power to promote engagement and interaction between businesses and consumers. Aside from monetary gain, social media can significantly boost brand awareness, identity and online influence. However, it’s still important to show quantifiable results for your time and effort spent on social media.

If businesses want to be successful in their social media marketing campaigns, it’s critical that they understand what is actually working and what is not. While measuring social media ROI isn’t always easy, it is possible. There are various programs, both free and paid, that provide users with valuable and useful measurements. This article will provide an overview of what social media metrics are important to measure and some of the best tools to track them.

Conversion Rates — It’s important to know when a lead comes from social media. Many marketers are able to easily track conversion rates and other metrics using HootSuite, a publishing program that has integrated Google Analytics into their custom URL shortener “” HootSuite’s new custom social analytics reports provide users with valuable insight on the impact of their social media profiles. These reports measure Twitter to Web conversion rates, which geographic areas produce the best campaign results, top content, activity on Facebook such as “likes,” posts, demographics and much more. Users can choose from over 30 analytics modules to customize their own unique and interactive reports.

Shortening your URL through HootSuite will not only conserve space but create trackable links to learn which follower clicks result in conversations on your website. For example, a long Web address like can be turned into HootSuite offers a free version (which does have limited capabilities) as well as two business-level plans. To get started with a 30-day free trial of this more advanced plan, visit

Engagement — Engagement measures the number of people who not only read your post but engage in some kind of action associated with it. For Twitter, this number would be how many people re-tweeted or replied to a tweet. On Facebook, you can measure how many times your links were clicked on, how many times people commented on your page or how many users liked one of your posts. Engagement can be measured with online tools available from Radian 6Attensity and TweetEffect.

To learn more about the importance of engagement marketing and encouraging consumers to be active participants in a business, read our article, “How to Build Your Business with Engagement Marketing.”

Reach — In regards to social media, reach refers to the number of people who view or have been influenced by your posts. For Twitter, TweetReach is a great free tool for measuring reach. With this program, you can search for a URL, Twitter name, phrase or hashtag and TweetReach will analyze tweets and metrics that match your search. The program will then give you a free report on the reach and exposure data for the information you entered. For example, if a business entered their username, they’ll receive information on how many accounts they have reached, the number of impressions, who their top contributors are and more.

You can also use Twitter Grader and Facebook Grader to measure your influence, your number of fans/followers, the power of this network of connections and more.

Social Media Growth — This is perhaps the simplest measurement to keep track of. It’s helpful to monitor your number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and any other social media connections in order to analyze this number over a period of time. If the numbers are not increasing, you are doing something wrong. Evaluate your social media content, variety of posts and timing of posts to discover what your audience is most responsive to.

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How to Use QR Codes to Market Your Business

QR codes

Quick Response (QR) codes have become increasingly common in the world of marketing and advertising. By simply scanning a QR code with mobile devices or barcode scanning applications, smartphone users can enjoy quick and effortless access to a business’ website or landing page. According to comScore Data Mine, 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the United States used their devices to scan a QR code within a three-month period at the end of 2011 and this number is expected to grow substantially.

Businesses should take advantage of this innovative way to reach customers and direct them to Web pages, special offers and any other content. This article will explain the basics of QR codes and provide answers for creating your own.

How Do I Scan a QR Code? — In order to scan a QR code, your mobile device must have a code-reading application installed. The newer models of Android and BlackBerry smartphones come with this app pre-installed but iPhone and iPad users will have to download one of the free apps available to them. These free scanning apps include Barcode Scanner and ScanLife Barcode Reader. Once your phone has this scanning capability, simply open the app and use your camera to take a photo of the QR code. Instantaneously, your mobile device will be prompted to open a Web page, play a video or even place a call.

Where Should I Place My QR Code?— QR codes can be placed on products, packaging, billboards, business cards, in-store displays, print advertisements, brochures and anywhere else that your target audience will see them. Before QR codes, businesses could only print a link on these materials and hope that readers would write it down or remember to visit it later. Now, brands can lead readers to information quicker and more conveniently than ever before.

Where Should My Business’ QR Code Lead Users? — First, ask yourself what you think is most important or valuable to your audience. You may be looking to direct more people to follow you on Twitter, take part in a contest in Facebook or RSVP to an upcoming event. Using a QR code, you can lead people to any of these venues. For example, an art gallery may place a QR code next to a painting that directs visitors to an online description of that specific work. A retail store may include a QR code next to a product in their brochure that leads readers to the specific product page online. Legal professionals can include a QR code on business cards that directs mobile users to place a call for a free consultation. Please see the following examples of what you can include in your QR code:

  • Product details
  • Contact information
  • Special offers
  • Coupons
  • Social media profiles
  • Video or audio

How Do I Create a QR Code? — To make your own QR code, visit one of the many websites that generate free codes. Simply enter the information that you would like the code to link to, such as a phone number or URL, and the site will generate a QR code.

Some of the more popular websites for creating QR codes are qurify and QR Stuff.

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Spotlight on Advertising: Long Island Business News

Long Island Business News

Long Island Business News is a weekly publication which covers news about businesses in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They will be publishing a special editorial issue focusing on Green/Environmental Consulting on June 29th. This issue will also contain the list of Green Associations and Organizations.

The publication is offering a discounted rate for color ads in this upcoming issue. A full page is 10.25” x 13.75” and costs around $2,383. Smaller ads can be purchased starting around $515. Other pricing options and premium positions are also available. Not-for-profit ads are also available at discounted rates. The deadline to reserve space is Thursday, June 21st.

For more information on advertising or design services, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email

Advertising Spotlight: Special Child Magazine


Special Child Magazine is a twice-annual publication with about 40,000 readers. Some of these parents have elected to have the magazine sent to their homes, while the rest are distributed in high-traffic community locations, such as therapists’ offices, pediatric offices, libraries, special-needs schools, after-school activities and non-profit agencies. The magazine features editorial content to educate and enrich families throughout Long Island. They also have a New York City edition.

Special Child Magazine is now reserving space for its fall issue. If your business serves children and families with special needs, this issue may be the perfect way to get your back-to-school advertising planned so you can enjoy the summer! A full page is 7.25” x9.125” and costs $1,640. You can get a smaller ad for as little as $290.

For more information on advertising or design services, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email

How to Build Your Business with Engagement Marketing

engagement marketing

More than ever before, businesses and marketers are turning to a marketing approach that, unlike traditional brand and direct marketing strategies, encourages consumers to regularly interact and participate with a business. Engagement marketing is based on the idea that consumers should be active participants in the business and its marketing strategies. From social media to email campaigns, the Web has provided multiple venues for marketers to engage their audiences with valuable content, two-way conversations, multimedia and lead-generating calls to action.

Engagement marketing is all about strengthening relationships between businesses and consumers. For years, consumers could only watch a television commercial or glance at a print advertising product without any real interaction on their part. While these traditional marketing methods can still be effective, one-way communication fails to provide a way for customers to effortlessly respond and interact with the company. The mission of engagement marketing is to encourage a two-way conversation with customers through new venues like social media sites, blogs and email campaigns. Since customer relationships are the core of any business’ success, any organization will benefit from incorporating the following engagement marketing methods into their business strategy.

Social Media — Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal for engagement marketers because they provide ways for brands to create a two-way dialogue between businesses and consumers. This communication can also take place faster than ever before with the accessibility of social media on smart phones, iPads, laptops and desktop computers. For those who are new to the idea of engagement marketing, it’s best to begin by developing a presence on social media. Before you post anything, you must be in sync with your target audience and what they are looking for. It’s essential to be able to confidently answer the question, “What content is most valuable to my audience?” This could be anything from an article on a problem that your business solves to a photo that your audience would find interesting. Another tip is to run social media contests to promote engagement, attract fans and keep your audience engaged and entertained. Give social media followers a reason to look forward to seeing your business’ posts pop up in their newsfeeds.

Blogs — A blog is only as effective as the content it contains. Like social media, when developing a blog, it’s essential to put yourself in the consumer’s mindset to determine what content would be most valuable to them. Depending on your industry, create articles that provide solutions to the needs or problems that your customers face. While it’s fine to include information on your business, avoid self-promotion. Consumers are far more receptive to valuable, interesting content than straight sales pitches. For more information on blogging, read our articles, “Should My Business Have a Blog?” and “5 Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them.”

Email Campaigns — Targeted email marketing campaigns can successfully build engagement, build brand awareness and nurture leads. By creating punchy, interesting taglines, strong content and engaging graphics, your emails should look professional and appealing to readers. It’s best to include a variety of content since everyone takes in information differently. For example, include an article, photos and a brief call to action that encourages readers to get in touch with you. If someone replies to an email, it means that they have demonstrated an interest in your company or services. Make it a top priority to contact them within one day, at the latest, or you could miss out on a potential customer or client.

By nurturing interactive relationships with customers and providing them with valuable content that they will look forward to reading, your business can increase brand loyalty and customer engagement. Not only will you be able to strengthen relationships with existing customers but these customers will be far more likely to talk about your business, share your content online and recommend it to their friends and family.

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