Long Island Business News 2014 Book of Lists

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The Long Island Business News will be releasing its 2014 Book of Lists very soon, but there is still time for your business to place an ad! The Book of Lists is a comprehensive reference guide listing over 2,500 Long Island companies organized in business/professional rankings. These lists include Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Commercial Printers, Auto Dealers, Hotels, and many other fields of business. Advertising in the 2014 Book of Lists can help give your business supplemental exposure. Continue reading “Long Island Business News 2014 Book of Lists”

Don’t Let Your Website Bomb Like the Obamacare Healthcare.gov

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What were the problems with the Healthcare.gov launches?

By now, everyone is familiar with the problem-ridden launch of the various Obamacare/healthcare.gov websites.  So what happened?  And why was the launch so problematic?  The Obamacare website launch problems boil down to the following:

Data center shutdown-  The online insurance marketplaces lost connection to its datacenter and officials are unsure how long it will take to fix the problem.  Data centers are vital to the functionality of  a site.  Without a reliable connection and secure hosting, many applications could fall through the cracks.

Frequent crashes– Crashes have been the most visible sign of the websites’ failures. When individuals visit healthcare.gov, or a related site, they are redirected to a page not found screen, a request to wait, or requests time out.  These errors both discourage users and can harm your relationship with your users. Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Website Bomb Like the Obamacare Healthcare.gov”