Changes to Facebook Ads- Update

Starting in April 2014, Facebook will no longer support “Sponsored Stories” as a part of their Facebook Advertising options.  Previously, sponsored stories were auto-created ads that leveraged users’ activity (connected to a brand) and displayed this activity to the users’ friends.  Rather than showing in the right-hand column with the standard ads, sponsored stories were displayed within a user’s news feed. Now, the social context that was previously included with sponsored stories will be automatically included in all Facebook ads.

In addition to the standard Facebook display ads, advertisers will still be able to run “Page Post Ads/Boosted Posts”. Boosted posts expand the reach of a page’s posts (status updates, shared links, events, videos, questions, or offers) to reach a larger audience.  These boosted posts can be done on a post-by-post basis for a single day or multiple days. Continue reading “Changes to Facebook Ads- Update”

Advertising Spotlight: 2014 Winter Olympics

Sochi Olympics Advertising

For the first time since 1980, the Olympics will return to Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympic Games will be held in Sochi, Russia from February 7th — 23rd, 2014. Advertising during the Olympic Games is a great opportunity to give your business exposure to a wide audience as viewers tune in to watch some of the greatest athletes in the world compete for their country. With 12 new events across 6 sports, the 2014 Winter Olympics are set to be even more exciting!

Cablevision is offering 30-second spots that will feature a 23-second tune-in message for the Sochi Olympics followed by a 7-second message naming your company as a proud local advertiser of the 2014 Olympic coverage on the cable networks of NBC Universal. Continue reading “Advertising Spotlight: 2014 Winter Olympics”

Long Island Business News 2014 Book of Lists

li_business_news photo

The Long Island Business News will be releasing its 2014 Book of Lists very soon, but there is still time for your business to place an ad! The Book of Lists is a comprehensive reference guide listing over 2,500 Long Island companies organized in business/professional rankings. These lists include Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Commercial Printers, Auto Dealers, Hotels, and many other fields of business. Advertising in the 2014 Book of Lists can help give your business supplemental exposure. Continue reading “Long Island Business News 2014 Book of Lists”

2013 Holiday Spotlight

2013 holiday

The holidays are right around the corner and will be here before we know it! Once again, Cablevision is offering special advertising packages for the upcoming holiday season. The packages feature a 15-second holiday greeting and can be customized to include your business’ logo, name, and contact information. These short holiday spots can help your business connect with local viewers to build goodwill and increase brand recognition. Continue reading “2013 Holiday Spotlight”

What Are Takeover Emails?

Over the past decade, email blasts have become a very popular tool for small businesses to directly target consumers. Takeover topics are up to you, but our clients generally prefer to send e-newsletters/company announcements or advertisements with calls-to-action.

Takeover emails are email blasts on steroids.  They are sent out by a website, newspaper, magazine, or other organization to their own subscriber list. This means that you can leverage the subscriber lists of much larger corporate entities to send an email featuring only your ad/news.  It’s a quick way to reach a larger audience. They can be a great way to announce a new location, a grand opening, or to promote an upcoming event or sale.

Many different publications offer takeover email blasts as a low-risk advertising option for local businesses. Newsday, Dan’s Papers, the Long Island Herald, the Long Island Press, and even specialty publications such as NY MetroParent magazine all offer takeover or proprietary email blasts. Deciding which publication to use for a takeover email blast is highly dependent on your business and the audience you are looking to reach with your ad. Businesses located on the East End of Long Island that are looking to reach residents of the East End should consider Dan’s Papers, while businesses interested in reaching a large audience in Nassau and/or Suffolk County should consider Newsday.

Dan’s Papers offers takeover emails for approximately $1000/email blast to their list of over 16,000 subscribers.  With an average open rate of 20%, you’re likely to reach thousands of new potential clients!

For a limited time only, The Public Relations and Marketing Group (PRMG) has been offered discounted rates on takeover emails.  If you are interested in takeover email blasts or have any questions about your digital advertising strategy, contact 1-855-PRMG-123 or



Spotlight on Advertising: 2013 MLB Postseason


Fall is officially here and with fall comes Major League Baseball playoffs! The 2013 playoffs will feature eight teams and four rounds of play leading up to the World Series. The playoffs will start on Tuesday, October 1 with the National League and American League wild card games, and run through Saturday, October 19 for the final game of the National League Championship Series.

Cablevision has put together a special advertising package for the playoff series. All games will air on TBS and the American League wild card game could feature the New York Yankees! In the case that the Yankees do not make the playoffs, advertising during these games can still give your business exposure. Past ratings have shown that New York baseball fans will continue to watch many of the postseason games despite the fact that no New York teams are involved. The wild card games are single-elimination games, while the division games are a best-of-five series and the National League Championship is a best-of-seven series. In the case of a shortened series, you will only be billed for the games played.

Prices for the MLB postseason packages start around $8,050 per zone and include a total of 79 spots. Cablevision is also offering an added value opportunity: with the purchase of this playoff package, you will receive fifty 9 a.m. – midnight bonus spots. These bonus spots will air on MLB Network, YES, Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports, and SNY.

Space is limited. If you are interested in placing an advertisement or for more information, please contact 1-855-PRMG-123 or at

Spotlight on Advertising: Advertise in LIBN!


On July 19, Long Island Business News will dedicate its Corporate Profiles advertising section to law firms on Long Island. LIBN is a weekly publication, and it features local law firms once a year. This is a great opportunity for your firm to not only gain exposure to the community, but also to share the firm’s history. With a Corporate Profile, you can introduce your team and your clients, describe your areas of expertise, and share your firm’s journey, whether you’ve been practicing for two years or twenty. LIBN is Long Island’s premier publication for local businesses and will present you to thousands of potential clients as one of the area’s leading firms.

All Corporate Profiles are 10” by 13.875” and full color. The story for your Corporate Profile must be between 500 and 550 words and written in third person. You can also include up to three pictures. In addition, your Corporate Profile will be prepared and sent to you in an electronic format, which can be used in more print or web marketing.

The rate for the profile is $2,482, with additional fees if you want to use professional writers or photographers. For more information, call 1-855-PRMG-123 or email  by July 3, 2013.

Spotlight on Advertising: Google Ads Now Include Pictures

google adwords

If you are not already familiar with Google AdWords please read our Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords to better understand the topic. 

On Wednesday June 5th, Google announced that it will begin to allow advertisers to add photos and pictures to AdWords campaigns.  The standard format, as viewed above, allows advertisers to target individuals who are already searching for specific products or services, and the ability to add a photo will only increase the effectiveness of these ads.

We know from our experience with social media that both ads and posts do substantially better when accompanied by images.  Not only do images increase the size of your advertisement, but they help your ads stand out.  High-quality images are engaging, and will help to expand the number of impressions that your online advertising campaign receives.

Use this advantage to strengthen your brand, by showing memorable visual content that you want immediately associated with your brand.  Previously, visual online advertising was limited to Google Display Network, which has a much more limited audience of websites that allowed Google ads to appear on them through Google’s AdSense program.

Essentially, Google AdWords allows for easily customizable and highly targeted ads that, if done right, will give you a good return on your investment. This option is currently in beta mode, and is not yet available to everyone. If you are interested in developing new online advertising campaigns, please contact 1-855-PRMG-123 or email at .

Need to Reach Civil Service Employees? Advertise in The Chief!

The Chief is a weekly newspaper that exclusively covers civil service in the New York metro area. Over 24,000 copies are distributed weekly on newsstands and subscribers. In addition to the print edition, The Chief now offers a digital edition optimized for computers, tablets and mobile devices. Along with the newly optimized digital edition come new opportunities for advertising.

Advertising space is now available in both the mobile and tablet editions of the paper. A large banner on the main page of the mobile/tablet edition (300×250 pixels) will cost $200 per month, and a smaller banner (300×50 pixels) will cost $125 per month. Banner ads on the article pages will cost $150 per month for the large banner, and $75 per month for the small banner.

There are also new advertising opportunities in the print edition. The Chief now offers a premium front-page display, which is a rectangle ad (4.25”x3”) that appears on the bottom right of the front page of the newspaper. The cost for this ad is $2,000 per insertion and is printed in color. Another new opportunity is a cover wrap, which is a special wrap that surrounds the paper and covers a large area of the front page (10.83”x16”). This wrap is printed in color and costs $9,000 per front-cover insertion, and $13,000 per front-and back-cover insertion.

Standard advertising space is also available in the main print edition, and all print advertisements are included in the online edition at no extra charge. Rates start at $755 for an eighth-page ad in black and white. A quarter-page ad will cost $1,510 for black and white (add $300 for full color), a half page ad in black and white costs $3,019 (add $400 for full color), and a full-page ad costs $6,038 for black and white (add $500 for full color).

If you are interested in placing an advertisement, or for more information, please contact 1-855-PRMG-123 or email at

Advertise During the 75th Annual NCAA March Madness Tournament


March Madness is almost here again! This year marks the 75th anniversary of the NCAA March Madness Division I men’s basketball championship, and now your business can advertise during these intense games. CBS is continuing to share coverage of the tournament with Turner Networks. Games will air on TBS, TNT, TruTV and CBS beginning on March 19th. Advertising during March Madness is a great way to reach men between the ages of 25 and 54.

Cablevision is currently offering a package that will give your business the opportunity to show ads during the first four rounds of the tournament, as well as 80 bonus spots on other sports networks. The package includes spots during four first-round games, 15 second-round games, six third-round games, and three fourth-round games. Prices start at $1,955 for the Riverhead zone, $4,525 for the Hauppauge zone, $2,525 for the Brookhaven zone, $3,352 for the Babylon zone, $3,088 for the Huntington zone, $4,048 for North Nassau, and $4,916 for South Nassau.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement or for more information, please contact us at 1-855-PRMG-123 or at