Advertising at the Pennysaver Theater (Brookhaven Amphitheater)

Pennysaver Theater at Bald Hill, formerly Brookhaven Amphitheater, is an outdoor venue located in Farmingville which hosts events from concerts and plays to car shows and carnivals, and can accommodate close to 9,000 people. They are currently preparing for the 2012 Summer Concert Series and have advertising and sponsorship opportunities available. Sponsorships are available on a full season or per-event basis and may include full sponsorship of the event, sponsorship of a seating area, or smaller aspects of the event. Full single-show sponsorships start at $10,000 and include radio advertising on the JVC Broadcasting stations WRCN, Party 105.3, My Country 96.1, and LaFiesta. Banners, signs and stage wrappings are also available starting at $750 for a 10 x 10 display for one event.

Advertising at the Pennysaver Theater would give your business the opportunity to be seen by hundreds to thousands of people at the various events, as well as the chance to build a strong community presence and reputation. Pricing is flexible based on the level of sponsorship. The following is a list of upcoming concerts and events for the summer 2012 season:

7/3/12 – My Country’s Freedom Fest
7/4/12 – Long Island Philharmonic/Grucci Firework Show
7/6/12 – Freestyle Explosion
7/7/12 – WRCN Monsters of Mock
7/8/12 – The Producers
7/10/12 – The Wizard of Oz
7/27-7/29 – Cole Bros Circus
7/31/12 – Cinderella
8/10/12 – Disco Fever
8/11/12 – Mega Jam
8/14/12 – Pink a licious
8/19/12 – Street Wheelz Car Show
8/25/12 – Fieston
9/8/12 – Kraft Beer Tasting/Sublime
9/16/12 – LI Southern Jam
9/21/12 – Old School Show
9/22/12 – Vets Rock
9/28/12 – Day Glow

For more information or details regarding rates and pricing, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email