Web Ads, E-newsletters, and Takeover Emails

With the continued rise in the value of social media and the resulting ability to hyper-target ads, many publications have now realized the gold mine on which they are sitting.

When newspaper subscribers or website visitors give their email addresses to these companies, they often “opt in” to receive certain emails. Maybe it’s a weekly sports update, or daily business headlines; these subscribers have now opened themselves up to be advertised to in a whole other way. Because the reader can choose what emails he wants, based on his interests and preferences, he effectively self-selects his demographic. If he indicates an interest in local restaurants and entertainment, proprietors of such goods may rightfully believe that this reader will be likely to take an interest in their offerings as well.

Some news sites have even gone so far as to offer their subscribers “opportunities from our advertisers.” These emails are completely taken over by an advertiser and go out to the site’s opt-in list on the advertiser’s behalf. I wanted to go over some of the ways that advertisers and news sites are working together to bring relevant content to interested consumers locally.

Newsday has three such opportunities. There are eight themed enewsletters that go out either Monday through Friday, or once a week. All of these newsletters allow for a 3.5×3” cube ad near the top of the email. They can be targeted to subscribers in specific zip codes and paid for by the thousand. Newsday also offers an email message called AdMail, which allows advertisers to completely take over an email with their own text and images. Though the advertiser will never be given the subscriber list, they will receive a click-through report informing them of who and how many took interest in their ad. Newsday AdMails can only be targeted by county and go to about 60,000 subscribers in Suffolk and 45,000 in Nassau at $50/thousand.

The third option for advertisers looking to reach Newsday subscribers is the new Daily Deal program. This is a collective buying opportunity, similar to Groupon. The advertiser offers a product or service for at least 50% off and splits the resulting proceeds with the email agent. Newsday’s version goes to over 10,000 subscribers and includes a free half-page print ad and banner ads on the website during the day their deal is scheduled to run (only one advertiser deal per day). There is no up-front cost to the advertiser, though the program is what is known as a “loss leader,” since vendors end up only receiving roughly 25% of the usual price for an item.

The LI Press also offers banner ads in their weekly KIOLI (Keep It On Long Island) newsletter, which goes to 50,000 subscribers, and takeover AdMail messages that can target specific groups of people. The AdMail groups can be customized by zip code, gender, age and interests. Depending on the specificity of the list, the cost per thousand can be as high as $100 or more, but this price is supported by the quality of the targets. Unlike the Newsday AdMail, which is sometimes wasted on too broad a demographic, the LI Press AdMails really target those likely to have the greatest interest. Of course, these ads also include the valuable click-through reports.

The LI Pulse offers their Executive Eblasts, which go to the “über consumer[s] and VIPs of the region,” but are, in our opinion, overpriced at over $1,500 per email to a single list of about 7,800 subscribers ($192/thousand).

Any of these options provides a cost-effective way to target the consumers most likely to become your customers. For more information, or for help structuring a comprehensive marketing plan, contact PRMG.

LI Press Home Improvement Guide

The March 24th version of the Long Island Press will feature The Spring Home Improvement Guide, which we recommend for our home improvement contractor and retail clients.

According to the Press, “The Spring Home Improvement Guide is always one of our biggest issues of the year. It is timed perfectly for our homeowners with Tax return checks in hand to make those long awaited home improvements. This winter has taken its toll on our homes and the Home Improvement industry should see a lot of action. The average Long Island Press reader is a homeowner who spends quality time with the publication. This issue will give your business an opportunity to reach that home owner and more. ”

Long Island Press Award Issues

The Winter College and Higher Education Advertorial Guide – The new year brings a new focus on education, jobs and trade schools. This annual advertorial section will deliver our readership all of the areas colleges with editorials in their own words. Start the year off right with this one.

THE BEST OF LI 2011 and The Best of Best – Simply, the biggest most talked about newspaper of the year. Whether you won an award or not your business must be seen in this special issue that doubles as a year long guide to the Best of everything on Long Island. Thanking the readers once is not enough, this exciting follow up issue gives everyone a second chance to promote their coveted awards. The follow up issue is another great one to be a part of.

For more information about the LI Press or other regional publications, contact PRMG.

Long Island Press End-of-Year Issues

The Year in Review / The Last Issue before Christmas – Long Islanders are out in force during the Holiday shopping season time. This issue will give your business a chance to market products and services from style and fashion to great food and desserts and more during the holiday entertainment season. The editorial in this issue will look back on some of the biggest stories of the year.

Special Fitness Section – The new year brings new hope and the Long Island Press will deliver a list of 101 places to get fit. Get your gym on the list and your ad in this special section as we celebrate the new year.

More Holiday Issues from the Long Island Press

The Annual Gift Certificate Guide Special Pull Out Section – Gift card & certificate sales are booming and everyone loves to get one. This special issue will highlight the actual Gift Card or Certificate in your advertisement and we urge all participants to offer and highlight a special deal such as buy a $ 25. Gift Certificate for $ 20. It will also feature editorial pieces on Gift Card usage and secrets. Please join us in this exciting special issue. It will be a great one.

The Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide – Oh no, your co-worker or even an unexpected friend has given you a gift that you were not expecting . . . How can you get a quick gift idea? LI Press’ Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide will point you in the right direction to find some quick and easy gift ideas. Newspaper readership is sky high during the holiday season and it is a great time to be seen to market your business. Here is another opportunity to get into the action of the gift giving frenzy.

For more information on Holiday advertising, contact PRMG.

Holiday Shopping Issues from the Long Island Press

Black Friday Special Issue and The Annual Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 – It’s an early deadline as the Long Island Press distributes this exciting issue one day early for Thanksgiving. This issue will feature an annual $1000 Holiday Gift Card Giveaway courtesy of Green Acres Mall plus the annual Gift Guide and inserts for your Black Friday shopping plans.

Does your business want to feature a Holiday Gift idea in the Long Island Press’ annual guide? Reserve a half page or full page ad adjacent to the guide and we will feature a photo and editorial of the years hottest gift from your inventory.

The Annual Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 – The annual gift guide is so big that it takes two weeks to deliver. This week you get a second chance to market your business to a large gift seeking readership. Get a second chance to have your products featured in the annual gift guide and drive traffic to your business.

If your business is interested in last-minute advertising opportunities for Black Friday, contact PRMG ASAP for help!