Target Local Customers with Facebook for Business

facebook megaphoneFacebook has numerous features to its advertising to make it even easier to attract potential customers. The most popular advertisement Facebook offers, the local awareness advertisement, was created by Facebook to help local businesses target people within a given radius as small as one mile. This is designed to increase the number of local visitors to your location, ultimately generating more business and to present new business opportunities. Continue reading “Target Local Customers with Facebook for Business”

Advertising Spotlight: Holiday Greeting 2014

Holiday GreetingThe holiday season is once again upon us. In true holiday tradition, Cablevision is offering special advertising packages for the upcoming holiday season. This year, the packages offered feature a 15-second holiday greeting and can be customized to include your business’ logo, name, and contact information. These brief holiday advertising spotlights can help your business connect with local viewers, build goodwill and increase your brand’s recognition.  The holiday greetings will run between December 1st and December 28th. Continue reading “Advertising Spotlight: Holiday Greeting 2014”

Advertising at the Pennysaver Theater (Brookhaven Amphitheater)

Pennysaver Theater at Bald Hill, formerly Brookhaven Amphitheater, is an outdoor venue located in Farmingville which hosts events from concerts and plays to car shows and carnivals, and can accommodate close to 9,000 people. They are currently preparing for the 2012 Summer Concert Series and have advertising and sponsorship opportunities available. Sponsorships are available on a full season or per-event basis and may include full sponsorship of the event, sponsorship of a seating area, or smaller aspects of the event. Full single-show sponsorships start at $10,000 and include radio advertising on the JVC Broadcasting stations WRCN, Party 105.3, My Country 96.1, and LaFiesta. Banners, signs and stage wrappings are also available starting at $750 for a 10 x 10 display for one event.

Advertising at the Pennysaver Theater would give your business the opportunity to be seen by hundreds to thousands of people at the various events, as well as the chance to build a strong community presence and reputation. Pricing is flexible based on the level of sponsorship. The following is a list of upcoming concerts and events for the summer 2012 season:

7/3/12 – My Country’s Freedom Fest
7/4/12 – Long Island Philharmonic/Grucci Firework Show
7/6/12 – Freestyle Explosion
7/7/12 – WRCN Monsters of Mock
7/8/12 – The Producers
7/10/12 – The Wizard of Oz
7/27-7/29 – Cole Bros Circus
7/31/12 – Cinderella
8/10/12 – Disco Fever
8/11/12 – Mega Jam
8/14/12 – Pink a licious
8/19/12 – Street Wheelz Car Show
8/25/12 – Fieston
9/8/12 – Kraft Beer Tasting/Sublime
9/16/12 – LI Southern Jam
9/21/12 – Old School Show
9/22/12 – Vets Rock
9/28/12 – Day Glow

For more information or details regarding rates and pricing, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email

Advertise with Cablevision This 4th of July

Cablevision is offering a customizable 4th of July greeting commercial that can be tagged to include a voice over, your company logo and contact information. We have put together a recommended package with Cablevision that would give your company 12 spots per week, over a three week period for a total of 108 spots and would air between 9 a.m. and midnight throughout Cablevision’s systems in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Ads that are part of this recommended package would air on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. Each ad will run for 15 seconds. The total cost of this package is $7,740.

Click here to view a sample video.

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Advertise with The New York Times’ “Sophisticated Shopper – Run of Email” program

The New York Times has 17 distinct e-newsletters that are sent out on a weekly or daily basis. These emails cover a wide variety of topics, including politics, health, money, entertainment and headlines. All subscribers opt-in to these lists and can be targeted by county of residence.

Through the “Sophisticated Shopper – Run of Email” program, the Times can get your ad into the mailboxes of active, affluent consumers who are seeking more information about new products and services. The ad is a cube, large by industry standards (336 x 280 pixels), and is situated just below the fold of the email. The program works by taking your ad and dropping it into whatever space is available, in any of the e-newsletters, during a particular date range. Since advertisers are unable to target by a specific email topic, the pricing for this program is more affordable. This remnant space pricing provides exposure for advertisers that may not otherwise be able to afford placing their message in front of the Times’ readers. We recommend this advertising opportunity for businesses looking to target more affluent audiences in specific counties.

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Advertising Spotlight: Newsday’s New York Mets 50th Anniversary Commemorative Special Section

Newsday: New York Mets’ 50th Anniversary Commemorative Special Section

Newsday will be publishing a commemorative special section to celebrate the New York Mets’ 50th anniversary on Friday, May 25. The full color pull-out will be printed on bright white paper and available to all subscribers and readers just in time for Banner Day, on Sunday, May 27. Memorialize your support for the Mets and their fans with an ad. We recommend this section especially for organizations looking to reach an enthusiastic male audience and for any business currently advertising on television during baseball games.

All ads will run in both Nassau and Suffolk counties and full-run rates are significantly discounted from regular retail rates, with a color full page costing less than $9,300 (as compared to over $21,000 for the same ad in a typical Friday edition). A half page is going for $5,575 and a quarter page for $3,350. For black-and-white ads, subtract 15%.

For more information on advertising or design services, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email

Advertising Spotlight on Milieu: Long Island Press’ New Bimonthly Supplement for Women

In March, the Long Island Press published its new women’s supplement, Milieu, for the first time. It was well-received by women between the ages of 30 and 55 across Nassau and Suffolk Counties. This month, 80,000 copies of Milieu will be distributed as a pullout in the Press. Milieu will be distributed to more than 2,100 Long Island locations (including 4,000 copies handed out at Penn Station to homebound commuters, 10,000 home-delivered in Nassau and 5,000 mailed to female-targeted locations).

Women are making buying decisions for their families and companies, now more than ever. With content designed to pique the interests of successful local opinion leaders, Milieu delivers your message with confidence and grace. If your business targets women, or if you want to reach Long Island’s decision makers, you should consider advertising in this new and vibrant publication.

Display ads will run in both counties, and in the digital edition. Rates start at $195 for an eighth of a page, and go up to $1,200 for a full page. All ads are in color and can run in one county for 65% of the island-wide rate.

For more information on advertising or design services, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email

Advertising Spotlight: Knicks Playoffs Packages

This weekend may have been the start of the New York Knicks’ playoff season, but it is not too late to get in on the action! Cablevision is still offering a few discounted packages to advertisers that are looking to capitalize on the excitement of the Knicks playoffs.

Twenty-spot packages for Round 1 start at just $405 for the Riverhead zone. Advertisers get five in-game spots on MSG, five 9 a.m.-midnight rotators on MSG, five on ESPN News and five more on ESPN Classic. This offers the frequency needed to reach fans at a low discounted price; island-wide, this package costs $7,000. Compare that to the retail rate of $1,360 per spot for island-wide Round 1 playoff games — the rotators are basically free.

The excitement and the ratings increase when the Knicks get to Round 2! The same package will run at $505 in Riverhead and $8,800, island-wide. These island-wide spots retail at $1,725 each.

For more information on advertising or design services, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or email