Advertise with Cablevision this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season


With the holiday season just around the corner, Cablevision is offering holiday greetings for your organization to celebrate with local viewers. These “tagable” spots are produced by Cablevision and are customized with your business’ logo and contact information. They each run for 15 seconds and enable you to build good will and improve brand recognition within your community, for a minimal investment in TV advertising. Depending on whom you want to reach, your business may benefit from advertising with popular networks such as News 12, Nick and Fox News. For those who are looking for wide coverage, we believe the most efficient use of your budget should include island-wide ads on News 12. Weekday spots from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. cost $100 per unit, while full week rotators (9 a.m. to 12 midnight) are $25 per unit.

For those who require more specific targeting, we recommend choosing to advertise on specific networks rather than these broader News 12 island wide ads. For example, if you want to target families with small children, you may want to advertise on Nick. For targeting older or more affluent audiences, businesses will be more successful advertising with a network such as Fox News. These specific network ads cost between $10 and $30 each, depending on the network and zone.

Cablevision also offers spots for holidays such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and more. Advertising rates are similar to those above, but contact us for more detailed information. If you are interested in running any of these ads for your business, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group at (631) 207-1057 or

News 12 “Change of Seasons” Package

Who would have thought that in the midst of all this rain, sleet and snow that opportunity would arise? When the weather gets bad, Long Islanders turn to their couches and News 12 for information on storm reports, travel conditions and school closings. Let your business be seen on News 12 Long Island, The Weather Channel and News 12 Traffic and Weather during this slow and snowy economic season when no one wants to leave their homes. For spots costing less than $40, this opportunity is worth getting up off your couch and calling us for more details!