Don’t Let Your Website Bomb Like the Obamacare screenshot

What were the problems with the launches?

By now, everyone is familiar with the problem-ridden launch of the various Obamacare/ websites.  So what happened?  And why was the launch so problematic?  The Obamacare website launch problems boil down to the following:

Data center shutdown-  The online insurance marketplaces lost connection to its datacenter and officials are unsure how long it will take to fix the problem.  Data centers are vital to the functionality of  a site.  Without a reliable connection and secure hosting, many applications could fall through the cracks.

Frequent crashes– Crashes have been the most visible sign of the websites’ failures. When individuals visit, or a related site, they are redirected to a page not found screen, a request to wait, or requests time out.  These errors both discourage users and can harm your relationship with your users. Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Website Bomb Like the Obamacare”