Print Isn’t Dead! – Why You Should Use Traditional Marketing

 Print Blocks

What about Inbound? Who uses print nowadays? Print what?   These are all questions that clients ask marketing professionals as they decide where to allocate the money in their marketing budget.  They think of print as their parents’ marketing techniques and want inbound marketing plans as cutting edge as Google’s.

But these ideas aren’t mutually exclusive, and inbound marketing should never fully replace traditional marketing, because each strategy has its own weaknesses that need to be considered. By merging traditional and inbound marketing strategies, with unified and concise messages, you create more comprehensive and effective marketing plans.

Inbound vs Traditional

Pros: Inbound marketing works off the idea that having a strong web presence (high-quality website, blogs, social media, etc.) will help consumers find your business.  It is an incredibly effective way to help consumers find your company when they need your products or services.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, raises awareness of your company regardless of whether or not recipients are currently looking for your company’s products or services.  The best benefit of traditional media is its ability to evenly reach consumers across demographics.

Cons: Traditional media is generally seen as more expensive and less efficient, while inbound marketing is dependent on the technological capabilities of your target audience.

Who uses print?

While younger generations are increasingly using the Internet to do everything from making everyday purchases to dating, adults aged 35+ are more likely to be engaged using traditional media (print, TV, radio etc). Coincidentally, older consumers are more likely to have the disposable income needed to buy products and services,  and according to The Pew Internet Project, 1 in 5 American adults does not even use the Internet, and while reliance on print marketing has decreased in recent decades, usage has not.

Today, companies use print marketing when they want to directly target a geographic area, a demographic group, or an industry (trade publications are very effective ways to reach executives in specific industries and hobbyists).

Print what?

So what kinds of printed materials do we recommend for our clients? It completely depends on the type of business and their short-term goals; but print marketing campaigns are generally comprised of direct mail, deliverables, and advertisements in print publications.

Direct mail (postcards, letters, or magazine inserts) and deliverables (fliers, brochures, stationery or anything else that you hand out) provide your audience with tangible pieces reminders of your company.   They reinforce your branding efforts and are effective ways to increase awareness of what your company offers.

Print is arguably the best way to target a segment of the community.  You can refine your campaign by age, occupation, gender, etc.  With a targeted list, direct mail becomes a very affordable way to increase your market share, and since it is integrated with recipients’ mail, it becomes highly likely that your audience will view your marketing materials.

Similarly, well-placed advertisements in trade/cultural/hobby publications allow your company to target leaders in an industry.  While an ad for a top-of-the-line boat engine might seem out of place in your local newspaper, it’s common sense in a boating magazine.  This isn’t to say that daily newspapers and Pennysavers are bad investments.  On the contrary, local publications often offer good rates that will allow you to run more impactful half-page or full-page ads.

Okay, but what about Inbound?

Your print marketing campaigns should NOT replace inbound marketing efforts. Instead, these two strategies should complement each other and work together to impress prospective customers.  Connect print and online marketing by directing customers back to your website or social media pages, use QR codes, or provide your email address.  Lastly, it’s imperative that you have consistent branding — this means using the same logo, color schemes, and messages for online and print marketing.  When you direct customers back to your website, it should look similar to your advertisement, and it should be easy for them to find what you advertised.

Inbound and traditional marketing efforts have an incredible ability to cover each other’s weaknesses. Together, they form a comprehensive marketing strategy and, by combining elements of online marketing and print marketing to promote your business, you will strengthen your brand and will see a better return on your investment.

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The Long Island Press, one of Long Island’s largest weekly newspapers, has just been redesigned. The paper will now be a monthly publication with all-new features and stories. The Long Island Press will be available in over 2,000 retail locations across Long Island and will also be delivered directly to 20,000 homes in Nassau and Suffolk with the Daily News weekend edition for a total distribution of over 100,000 papers each month. The Long Island Press also publishes Milieu, a monthly editorial magazine exclusively for Long Island women, and Living Out, a monthly editorial newspaper for the GLBT community. Ads are available in a variety of sizes from a full page down to a quarter of a page, and are all in color.

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If your business is interested in advertising during the Major League Baseball playoffs, we would also recommend advertising on television. For more information about Cablevision’s playoff package, please read our advertising spotlight Advertise During the 2012 MLB Playoffs on Cablevision.

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Advertise in the Insider’s Guide to The Hamptons Film Festival

Advertise in the Insider’s Guide to The Hamptons Film Festival

The Independent is a free weekly newspaper that is distributed across the East End of Long Island, covering both forks from Manorville and Wading River to Montauk and Orient Point. The Independent will be publishing a special section, the Insider’s Guide to The Hamptons Film Festival. This guide will be inserted into the Independent’s October 3 issue and distributed at hundreds of locations across the East End, as well as online. The festival attracts close to 18,000 visitors annually and is always a hotspot for actors, directors and celebrities. This year’s festival will feature films such as Love, Marilyn, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, and Not Fade Away.

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The “Back to School” season is quickly approaching and NYMetro Parents Magazine is offering special deals for their August, September, and October issues. NYMetro Parents Magazine has several publications in the NY metro area including Nassau and Suffolk County. Together, these two editions reach 100,000 parents across Long Island!

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LI @ Home – Newsday Special Section

Newsday is publishing a brand new special section called LI @ Home, which will come out on Saturday, June 6th. It will contain primarily advertorials, as well as some content on home improvement issues, including how to make a “greener” home. The 4 color, bright white section will be delivered to homes in Nassau and Suffolk counties. A half page ad with a half page of editorial will cost $4,000. We are recommending this opportunity to advertisers looking to reach homeowners with an interest in home improvement. Reservations are due this week, so please contact us right away if your company is interested in placing an ad.

LI Press April Schedule and Discounts

This April, Long Island Press is offering discounts on 2- and 8-week advertising packages. They have recently started working with a new printer and are now offering color ads on every page. Additionally, their website is enjoying more visitors than ever. Below is the schedule for the month’s issues. If you’re interested in placing an ad with the LI Press, let us know; we’d be glad to help you out.

Here is what is being featured this April:

Thursday April 7, 2011 – Cover Story – What’s Next for Suffolk County – Change for Suffolk County is on its way and the Long Island Press editorial staff will let us in on what is ahead for the east side of Long Island. The entire Long Island Press is now printed in full color on every page to help your business shine through.

Thursday April 14, 2011 – Special Section / Our Annual Travel and Summer Camp Guide – The time is now to make your plans for summer vacation or a last minute chance to sign up the children for camp. The April 14th issue will be filled with great vaction suggestions. Please join us by advertising your business in this special issue to reach this curious reading audience.

Thursday April 21, 2011 – The 2011 New York Auto Show Guide – The 2012 models are coming out and the Long Island Press will be your guide to navigate you through the show. We have plenty to feature in the exciting special section that will outline all of the details of the show.

Thursday April 28, 2011 – Cover Story / LI 2035 – In this issue, we take a look on what we can expect for the future of our Island. Join us as we head Back to the Future!

LI Press Home Improvement Guide

The March 24th version of the Long Island Press will feature The Spring Home Improvement Guide, which we recommend for our home improvement contractor and retail clients.

According to the Press, “The Spring Home Improvement Guide is always one of our biggest issues of the year. It is timed perfectly for our homeowners with Tax return checks in hand to make those long awaited home improvements. This winter has taken its toll on our homes and the Home Improvement industry should see a lot of action. The average Long Island Press reader is a homeowner who spends quality time with the publication. This issue will give your business an opportunity to reach that home owner and more. ”

LI Press special sections

The Long Island Press has a great opportunity for Long Island’s professional business community to advertise in their February 24th issue. The issue will feature two special sections to motivate business as we spring toward the month of March.

“The Professional Guide for Your Life and Finances” will highlight everything from Insurance, Law, Accounting, Banking, investments and more. The guide will feature informative editorial content regarding the financial issues in the daily life of The Long Island Press readers. The Professional guide will also include the ALL NEW Business Card Tweets! Just $114 will get your business card printed in full color with a description consisting of 25 words or less.
The second part of this particular issue is the all new special insert “Pet Press” . . . The Long Press will be the official media sponsor of the upcoming Pet Expo at Suffolk County Community College. This special sized booklet has LOWER RATES and it will double as the official program guide for the 2011 Pet Expo coming to Suffolk County Community College on March 5th and 6th. It will be distributed both in the Press and at the show.
This is great chance for you and your business to advertise to specific demographics.  Contact us at The PRMG for details and more information.

Networking Magazine

Networking Magazine, an events-centered publication read by successful business owners, CEOs, senior-level executives, philanthropists and entrepreneurs, is offering a once-a-year special reduced rate in honor of March, Women’s History Month. This is a perfect opportunity if you have an upcoming event and a small budget. For more information and details contact PRMG.