Advertise with The Gazette this Spring

With Mother’s Day around the corner and spring in full bloom, Long Island businesses may benefit from advertising with The Gazette’s May issue. The Gazette features community events, children’s happenings and local news surrounding individual towns on Long Island. This free publication is dedicated to providing residents with a community-oriented and localized view of the news.

This advertising opportunity is appropriate for companies that are active in the springtime and looking to reach their target audience. For example, landscaping companies, lawn services, home improvement organizations, flower companies and gardening services may benefit from placing an advertisement in this issue. Businesses who buy three months worth of advertisements can also get the fourth month free of charge.

Please keep in mind that the deadline for this issue is May 8. If your business is interested in placing an ad, please contact The Public Relations and Marketing Group as soon as possible at (631) 207-1057 or

Advertise with The Gazette

The Gazette offers readers stories about kids, community events, stories about kids and local happenings in Suffolk County, New York. This mailed free newspaper provides great advertising opportunities to businesses in the area. Barbers, salons, day care, pre-school, dance, karate, self-defense and many other businesses have special focus this month for the back-to-school market. Also, with the upcoming Labor Day parties, party suppliers and caterers would also benefit from this issue. The next issue of The Gazette will go out August 9 but you may also follow up with the next issue on September 2. You can also buy three months of advertisements with The Gazette and get the fourth month free.

The deadline for this advertising opportunity is Monday, August 1 for the special back-to-school issue. Please contact us at (631) 207-1057 if your company is interested in placing an ad.