Advertise with The New York Knicks on MSG

The New York Knicks’ audience continues to increase with the team’s success and rising stardom of Jeremy Lin. Your business’ message can now reach an even wider audience by advertising on MSG during Knicks basketball games. Over the last several games, the Knicks are seeing a huge jump in ratings on MSG, compared to the early-season average. From February 4 to 11 alone, there has been a 150% increase in female audiences, ages 25 to 54 and a 43% increase in male audiences, ages 25 to 54. Overall, that’s a 67% increase in adult viewers, ages 25 to 54! Since the majority of this audience is made up of males, ages 25 to 54, we recommend businesses that are looking to target male viewers. Rates to advertise on MSG throughout Long Island, reaching approximately 10,950 households, are at $595.

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Spotlight on Advertising: FiOS Holiday Advertising

In the November 8th issue of our e-newsletter, we told you about the “tagable” holiday spots that Cablevision offers during this time of year. Well, now FiOS has entered the game as well. FiOS has two versions of its winter holiday greeting. Each runs for 15 seconds (like Cablevision) and each can be tagged with your company’s logo and contact information at the end. These greetings enable you to build goodwill and improve brand recognition within your community for a minimal investment in TV advertising.

You can run your greeting on FiOS1, Verizon’s local news channel, during weekday mornings (5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.) for only $15 per spot, island-wide. This compares to News 12’s rate of $100. While Cablevision has 740,000 subscribers in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, FiOS now has 202,000 subscribers of their own and this is a good way to reach them. Full-week rotators (9 a.m. to midnight) are $5 per spot. Rotators on other networks will run you about 20% of prime network rates. If you’re looking for specific channels or zones, be sure to contact us for more detailed rate information.

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Take Advantage of Cablevision Advertising Sales


This season, Cablevision is offering a wide selection of advertising opportunities for your organization to best reach its target audience. Your business can advertise with premiere sporting events during NHL and NFL games, during popular television shows such as Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” or USA’s “Burn Notice,” or take advantage of the 2011 Holiday Programming Package. With the holiday season right around the corner, Cablevision advertising sales is offering you one stop shopping for all of your holiday programming. This package will include your ad in over 40 holiday specials and movies this holiday season, from traditional classics to network originals. Advertising with Cablevision delivers a high profile audience and offers a high frequency of exposure to a specific target audience. For example, restaurants can have their advertisement air during the Food Network’s program, “The Next Iron Chef.”

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Cable and FiOS

According to the article, “Pay-TV Subscriber Losses Felt at Cablevision, Dish,” which appeared in the August 10th edition of the Wall Street Journal, declining numbers of video subscribers undercut the improved bottom lines at Cablevision Systems Corp. and Dish Network Corp. These cable operators have been losing video subscribers because of new competition from telecom companies expanding into video, customers opting to cut the cord and watch video on the Web, and lower home sales, which reduce new-customer cable installations.

As described in the article, Cablevision has lost 23,000 video subscribers during the second quarter, reflecting competition from Verizon Communications Inc.’s FiOS in the key New York metro area market. According to analyst Todd Mitchell of Brean Murray Carret & Co., “Cablevision is getting killed by FiOS in NYC suburbs.”

It was also reported that satellite company Dish Network has lost 135,000 subscribers during the same period. However, the company did expect to lose subscribers when it decided not to pursue “low-margin” customers that it felt would leave over time. As a result, Dish Network ended up losing more than the 19,000 that it had lost only a year earlier.

Meanwhile, telecom companies such as Verizon and AT&T Inc. are rapidly gaining subscribers. According to FiOS, in areas such as Farmingdale, Great Neck, Mount Kisco and throughout Staten Island, Verizon FiOS’s percentage of cable customers is well over 50%.

In the New York area, most of Cablevision’s losses can be explained by those who have switched to Verizon FiOS. Over the last year, FiOS showed a total growth of 264,384 in the New York metro area market. The North Nassau zone of Long Island holds 40,186 FiOS subscribers while the South Nassau zone boasts a total of 99,065 subscribers. This compares to 106,000 and 214,000 subscribers in North and South Nassau, respectively, for Cablevision. Overall, in Nassau County, FiOS showed a quarter-to-quarter growth of 8,680 subscribers. Other areas of Long Island continue to grow as well, with the Suffolk County zone holding 71,323 Verizon FiOS subscribers and showing a quarter-to-quarter growth of 5,043 subscribers.

Verizon FiOS has presented a serious challenge to the cable operators. Advertisers should take these numbers into consideration when they plan their cable advertising budgets. It is our opinion that FiOS has now reached critical mass and should be considered as part of any general cable buy. We have found that FiOs advertising is now providing an excellent value as FiOs tries to lure more cable advertisers to its service. For more information, please contact PRMG.