Connect to Nature with Ranger Eric Powers at The Long Island Game Farm — Wildlife Park & Children’s Zoo

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wildlife Biologist Eric Powers to Give Presentation on May 14 and 21

(Manorville, New York) — Join Ranger Eric Powers, a wildlife biologist with 27 years’ experience, at The The Long Island Game Farm — Wildlife Park & Children’s Zoo for a fascinating show about wildlife, pets and nature. Ranger Eric will present his “Your Connection to Nature” animal show at the zoo at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 14 and Saturday, May 21.

The presentation will include a hands on look at bones, skulls, fur and other wildlife artifacts. Ranger Powers will also give guests a comparative look at some commonly mistaken animals, such as African and American bullfrogs; a turtle and a tortoise; and geckos and skinks. He will also present the differences between North American and tropical snakes; solid-haired and hollow-haired mammals; and underground and treetop insects.

A Colorado transplant who currently resides on Long Island, Ranger Powers started “Your Connection to Nature” in 2003 as a means of providing residents in metropolitan areas with a greater appreciation and respect for nature.  “My mission is to save the Earth by helping save plants and animals from extinction,” Ranger Powers states on his Website. “I do this through education, by showing people animals and by taking them into nature.”  

For more information about Ranger Powers, “Your Connection to Nature” or his new TV series “Off the Trail with Ranger Powers,” visit

Additional summer shows, events and programs will be announced later in the season. For more information on Opening Week and prices, please visit or call (631) 878-6644.


The Long Island Game Farm was founded in 1970 by Stanley and Diane Novak and is located on 25 acres of land in Manorville.  The Park has grown over the years and has served as a frequent destination of school children that have grown up on Long Island.  Each year, thousands of guests visit the park.