Crasche New York Announces Middie Band

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Crasche Middie Band

Ideal for Sports That Do Not Require a Helmet, But When Head Protection Is Needed to Help Prevent Injury

WOODBURY, NY — Crasche® New York announces the introduction of its latest product, the Middie band. The product is ideal for figure skating, soccer, field hockey, and girls lacrosse.

The band is 2.25 inches high, and the body is made of spandex, with a stretch cotton liner. The protective elements are a super-strong outer layer of polycarbonate plastic, the same material used in bulletproof glass. The inner layer is one-quarter of an inch of neoprene rubber, the same skin-friendly material used to make wet suits.

The Figure Skating Middie has two rear protective elements that are 3.5 inches high, to help protect the back of a skater’s head in the event of a fall.

“With the concussion issue so prominent in sports today, we have developed an outstanding product to help protect young athletes,” said Robert Cleva the owner of Crasche New York, and the developer of the new Middie band. “Our product is designed for soccer, figure skating, field hockey, and girls lacrosse. These sports do not require helmets, but with concussions being such a high concern among players, and their parents, we feel the Middie is a great solution for head protection. I advise all the parents of players in these sports to take a look at our website. Our Middie band can only help, so why take the chance?”

Independent laboratory tests prove conclusively that the Middie cannot injure another player. In fact, the tests show the Middie is actually safer for the other players in head-to-head contact.

The Crasche products are made in the United States, on Long Island. They are available only at for the price of $29.95. The Middie band comes in three sizes, and in a variety of colors and patterns.

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