David Rosaire’s World-Famous Dog Show Celebrates Pekingese and Chinese Cultures

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Acclaimed Performer and His Pups Return to Long Island Game Farm’s Main Stage on May 28

[MANORVILLE, NEW YORK] –– David Rosaire and his “One and Only Pekingese Dog Act” returns to the Long Island Game Farm -– Wildlife Park & Children’s Zoo for the third consecutive year. New for 2016 is the addition of Chinese-themed costumes and production elements that celebrate the heritage of Mr. Rosaire’s pups. The show will run at noon and 3 p.m. on the Game Farm’s main stage from Saturday, May 28 to Monday, September 5.

In the off-season, Mr. Rosaire and his dog act, which also includes Vanna the Baboon, perform at luxurious Las Vegas hotels — such as the MGM Grand and Caesar's Palace — and as part of major circus, theme park and theatre performances around the world. Vanna and the Pekingese pups put on an elaborate show — full of jumps, slides and obeying outrageous commands, which many have dubbed as one of the world’s greatest dog acts of all time.

The Chinese production elements were selected “because, for centuries, Pekingese dogs were bred to serve as companions to the Chinese Imperial family,” explains Mr. Rosaire. “As part of their heritage, Pekingese dogs were trained to greet guests with dignity and grace.”

Mr. Rosaire comes from well-known circus royalty in Europe. He is a fifth-generation member of the British circus family, the Rosaires, and began his involvement in the circus at the early age of five. He has had an immense amount of circus training — from juggling, to tumbling, to horsemanship.

“We love having David, Vanna and the pups stay with us throughout the summer,” says Melinda Novak, Vice President/Co-Owner, Long Island Game Farm. “We’re excited to see what the new production will look like and encourage everyone to visit and see the show for themselves.”

For more information, visit www.longislandgamefarm.com.



The Long Island Game Farm was founded in 1970 by Stanley and Diane Novak and is located on 25 acres of land in Manorville.  The Park has grown over the years and has served as a frequent destination of school children that have grown up on Long Island.  Each year, thousands of guests visit the park.