With Fall Approaching – It’s Time to Start Planning For a Bountiful Fall Harvest

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Garden Dept. Provides Tips to Planting in Autumn

For many of The Garden Dept.’s retail customers, the objective of a visit to the Coram-based location is to give their yard a budget-friendly update. But, planning out a yard or garden project may cause headaches for some. In addition, knowing when to plant different types of plants and flowers is also challenging. As such, The Garden Dept. has compiled a list of fruits, vegetables and flowers that do best when planted during this time of the year:

  1. Fruits:

Blueberries and strawberries – early September is the best time to plant blueberries. Planting in early Fall will allow for good and early root growth.

Apples – apple trees flourish in Autumn. However, once planted, it may take a year or two before a tree produces any yield.

Grapes – planting grapes right at the beginning of Fall (late summer) will help the grapes to grow faster and produce fruit sooner.

  1. Vegetables/Herbs:

Cucumbers – planting cucumber seeds in the beginning of August will ensure that you see a high yield – but make sure to leave a lot of room for these long vines and roots to grow.

Beets – beets are great to plant in fall. Tip: Soak the seeds overnight for quicker germination.

Brussels Sprouts – this vegetable is great to plant anytime in Autumn because of its ability to hold up well in colder weather.

Arugula/Rosemary/Parsley – these plants enjoy cooler weather which makes mid-to-late fall the perfect time to plant.

  1. Flowers/shrubs/trees:

Heleniums – these colorful daisies shine in the August heat. They come in a variety of different colors such as, red, orange and yellow and they can reach up to three feet in height.

Golf Mound Spirea – this deciduous flowering shrub flourishes in the sunny, but cool temperatures of Fall.

Autumn Blaze Maple Trees – these stunning red leaf trees are great to plant at the beginning of Fall. These trees require little work and mature quickly – just be sure to give them a lot of water. These trees do best when they are planted in shady areas.

The Garden Dept.’s 16-acre Coram retail/wholesale location is open seven days per week and its eight-acre Dix Hills wholesale location is open Monday to Saturday. Both locations provide deliveries to homes and job sites throughout the tristate area for items such as trees, shrubs, plants and decorative stone, as well as gravel, compost, topsoil and mulch by the yard. For assistance with your landscape or gardening needs, contact The Garden Dept. at 631-736-DEPT (3378) or visit online at: gardendept.com.