Lee Jewelers Embodies the Lasting Traditions of “Small Town America”

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sag Harbor, one of America’s oldest incorporated villages, is inarguably a quintessential example of “small town America,” with its beautiful Main Street shopping district and friendly, welcoming neighbors. It is there that Lee Jewelers settled into its current home. Owned and operated by Lee Elliot and his daughter Dori Elliot, Lee Jewelers has been in business for more than 50 years – first in Greenwich Village and then in Southampton – but has been a mainstay in Sag Harbor since 2006.

With its personalized mom-and-pop (or in this case, daughter-and-pop) service and simple interior, the Elliot’s shop is a perfect complement to the neighboring stores. Throw in Mr. Elliot’s humor, Ms. Elliot’s youthfulness and the family dog, Sandy, and a visit to Lee Jewelers might just feel like a step back in time – when family run businesses were standard and everyone knew your name.

The glass displays at Lee Jewelers feature one-of-a-kind classic and modern pieces and collections designed and handmade by both Mr. Elliot and his daughter, but it is the custom design requests of their customers that excites the pair most. “I am always itching to get on the work bench and do what I love most,” says Mr. Elliot. “My favorites are the ones that have never been done before, that’s the sweet spot.”

For Ms. Elliot, who was raised on the East End, it’s the “regulars” who make her day. “Many of our return customers are locals, people who live out here year-round, or at the very least vacation here in the summers,” she explains. “A few of them have stocked their jewelry boxes exclusively with Lee Jewelers designs – whether they were made by dad or me, or both.”

Though the Elliots are the craftspeople, they both admit that it is Sandy, their poodle, who often will bring in newcomers. “A lot of people think she’s a statue, until she moves,” they explain. “And children usually want to come hug and pet her. She’s definitely the store mascot.”

While Sandy is certainly iconic, it’s Mr. Elliot’s tongue-in-cheek humor and Ms. Elliot’s calm sophistication, combined with their cutting edge work, that ultimately win over customers. And, when you consider the fact that Mr. Elliot has only a thumb on his right hand, it is his pieces that are the most special. Though, to him, it’s the opportunity to work with his daughter every day that he cherishes.

Whether someone is looking for a one-of-a-kind necklace or a truly classic set of earrings, while also aiming to “shop local,” Lee Jewelers in Sag Harbor is a perfect place to visit.

For more information about the shop or the designers, visit www.leejewelers.net.

About Lee Jewelers
Established in 1965, Lee Jewelers is located on Main Street in Sag Harbor and is owned and operated by Lee Elliot and his daughter, Dori Elliot. The shop features collections from each designer, who will often also collaborate on pieces, combining the elder Elliot’s hammered metal circles with his daughter’s wire-wrapped precious or semi-precious gemstones. For more information, visit www.leejewelers.net.