Michael’s Pack Asks the Public to Recognize “Responsible Pet Owners” Month

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

(Mineola, NY)— The best part about being a pet owner is making a difference in an animal’s life. Michael’s Pack wants you to recognize National “Responsible Pet Owners” Month by taking better care of your furry friend to ensure his or her happiness.

Being a responsible pet owner requires a great deal of work, but it’s rewarding at the end of the day. Michael’s Pack has compiled a list of tips that you should be conscious of:

  • Travel Safety—How endearing is it when you’re driving on a beautiful day and notice a cheerful pup sticking its head out of the car window with the wind blowing in its face? Yes, we all smile and watch the dog enjoy the ride. However, this fun act is not exactly safe for a dog. If an accident occurs, a dog could be thrown out of the vehicle, or if your dog is sitting in the front, the airbag could deploy and cause suffocation. To ensure safety, put your dog in a harness or dog seatbelt in the backseat.
  • Training—Another tip to make sure that you’re a responsible pet owner is to train your dog. This way, you can take your pet to dog parks to encourage sociability. Rather than bringing your untrained dog to a park and increasing the risk of it harming other dogs and/or running away, be sure to train your friend. Either take the time to train the dog yourself or, perhaps, enroll your pup in training classes. Also, bring a water dish for your dog to make sure he or she stays hydrated. If your dog drinks out of the community water dish, he/she could become ill from parasites that other dogs may be carrying.
  • Jumping—Many times, owners with tiny dogs allow them to jump on people when they walk in the door. Rather than brushing it off, make sure to teach your dog the importance of simply walking up to guests without causing a scene by jumping. Just because your dog is small doesn’t mean it can’t hurt your guests—especially children.
  • Spaying, Neutering & Shots— There have been a number of issues with overpopulation, which can result in many animals winding up in shelters. In order to put a halt to crowded animal shelters, make an appointment to get your dog spayed or neutered. In addition, be sure that your dog is receiving the appropriate shots from the veterinarian to prevent illnesses and diseases. This will also help other pets stay healthy, too.
  • Exercise—One of the final steps in being a responsible pet owner is to promote healthy eating and avid exercise. This will extend your dog’s life and help him/her feel better. Do not feed your dog table food—it has extra calories that your dog/puppy can live without. Also, take your dog out for a walk once a day, if you can. If not, make sure they get some time to run around the backyard and play catch with you.

“Being responsible for a dog is not as easy as it may seem; however, to make sure that you’re doing a good job, review the above tips,” says Michael Schaier, Owner/Head Trainer, Michael’s Pack. “I’ve seen dogs become harmed or even killed due to their owner’s irresponsibility. Don’t fall into that category—do the right thing for your pet.”

For more information, please call (516) DOG.PACK (364-7225) or visit www.michaels-pack.com.


About Michael’s Pack

Michael’s Pack provides private and group dog-training sessions that are based on positive reinforcement, coupled with holistic methods. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions are offered, both at the Mineola training facility and in private residences. The author of Wag That Tail: A Trainer's Guide to a Happy Dog, Michael Schaier holds the following certifications: AKC-C.G.C: American Kennel Cub — Canine Good Companion Evaluator; ABC-D.T: Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer; and CPDT-K.A.: Certified Professional Dog Trainer — Knowledge Assessed. For more information, please call (516) 364-7225 or visit www.michaels-pack.com.