Save-A-Pet Reminds Everyone to Adopt a Shelter Dog during the Month of October

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct. 1, 2013 - PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y. -- (Port Jefferson Station, NY) — Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, Inc. is reminding prospective pet owners that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and is urging those who wish to own a dog to adopt one from an animal shelter rather than purchase one from a retail pet store.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month promotes pet adoption and raises awareness about the millions of dogs currently living in shelters. It is estimated that five out of 10 dogs in shelters are destroyed simply because there is nobody to adopt them.

“We encourage anyone who is looking to own a dog to adopt rather than shop,” said Dori Scofield, President/Founder, Save-A-Pet. “Adopting from a shelter is an alternative to buying from a pet store, which gets its animals from ‘puppy mills’ that keep these animals in horrible conditions and produce puppies for the sake of turning a profit. Shelter dogs need a loving forever home and adoption provides that.”

Save-A-Pet is located at 608 Route 112, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776. For more information, please contact Save-A-Pet at (631) 473-6333, or visit

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