Skydivers Take a Leap of Faith to Eradicate Malaria

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On April 25, a team of skydivers comprised of members of the United Methodist Church will jump 14,000 feet from the air in order to raise money for its charity, Imagine No Malaria. The jump will take place at Skydive Long Island in Calverton.

Among the team members are Reverend Adrienne Brewington, District Superintendent, Long Island East District of the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC); her husband, Frederick K. Brewington, a civil rights attorney with a practice based in Hempstead and a Certified Lay Servant and Instructor with the Conference; and fellow UMC members from Long Island, the New York metropolitan area, the Catskill-Hudson area and Connecticut.

Each team member is looking to raise $5,000. The money raised will help to purchase mosquito nets for children and families in underdeveloped countries. “Each net costs $10.00 and the more money that is raised, the more nets we can buy and that means more lives that we can save,” Rev. Brewington said.

Imagine No Malaria is an extraordinary effort of the people of UMC in which they put their faith into action to end preventable deaths by malaria in Africa, especially the death of a child or a mother. As a life-saving ministry, Imagine No Malaria aims to empower the people of Africa to overcome the burden of this deadly, yet preventable disease. Its ministers take a four-fold approach to work against malaria: prevention, treatment, education and communication.

“Our overall goal is to erase malaria from the face of the planet,” Rev. Brewington said. “We also want to make sure we give a mosquito net to every one who needs it.”

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