Village of Islandia Approves Application for Special Use Permit at the Marriott Hotel

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Village of Islandia has announced that the Village Board of Trustees approved a special use permit for Delaware North’s application to operate upwards of 1,000 Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and two Suffolk Off-Track Betting kiosks at the Marriott Hotel, located on the North Service Road of the Long Island Expressway.

Mayor Allan M. Dorman explained why the Board of Trustees approved the application, citing real tax relief for Village residents, job creation and that the applicant, through the agreement, addressed other concerns regarding the operation of the hotel, including providing adequate security, additional traffic controls, as well as making other concessions, with respect to the facility’s operation.

“We have taken steps to ensure Delaware North’s operation of this hotel and the VLTs will have a minimal impact on the surrounding communities and it will be a hotel operating VLTs, not the other way around. For one, there will be no Vegas-style shows at the hotel,” Mayor Dorman said. “Tony Orlando is not coming to Islandia.”

Specifically, the agreement will:

● Provide more than 200 jobs, with preference given to local residents and job training given to all employees

● Pay the Village more than $1.5 million for completing the construction and development of the Village’s First Responders Baseball Field on Old Nichols Road as well as an additional payment of $1 million

● Pay the Village an operating fee that is based on revenue increases that will reach $2.5 million per year for the length of the 20-year permit, worth $50 million for the Village

● Provide around-the-clock security inside and outside the hotel, including surveillance and guard presence and roving patrols in the hotel’s parking lot

● Implement new traffic controls to minimize congestion on local roads


The Village will review the special use permit every two years.

“Within the first two years of the agreement, Village taxes will be reduced by up to 50%,” Mayor Dorman said. “This approval provides several significant benefits to the Village and surrounding communities, including real, significant tax relief to Village residents, along with job creation for Suffolk County. It will have a real impact on local Village families and their ability to withstand the high cost of living on Long Island.”

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Incorporated in 1985, the Village of Islandia is home to over 3,000 residents and over 1,300 businesses. The village's proximity to New York City and the North and South shores of Long Island make Islandia an attractive destination for residents and businesses who may be thinking of relocating to Long Island.  For more information, please visit