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Free Marketing Guide Long Island

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A concise and comprehensive overview of the marketing tools that any business or organization can benefit from. The e-book features chapters on developing the right marketing plan for your business, Web marketing, social media and advertising. It strikes a balance between newer inbound marketing approaches and traditional marketing techniques.

Free Website Tips Guide SEO

Free Download: 10 Things Your Website Needs to be Successful

The internet is now the main way for businesses to gain exposure. It’s an easy and fast way to get found, communicate with clients and bring in new business. This is your first impressionmake it count! When developing or maintaining a website, there are quite a few factors to consider since websites can easily help or harm a brand. What should the site include? How can I maximize the return on my investment? These are all questions that can be answered by considering a few important factors that you must consider to gain traffic and build your reputation.

Social Media and Web Marketing Long Island

Free Download: Using Social Media and Web Marketing to Build Your Business

Web and social media websites have become increasingly important to marketing a business successfully. The rise of countless Web and social media tools has given marketers new, cost-effective ways to communicate with customers and prospects. The goal of your organization’s Web presence should be to maintain good relations with customers and also to drive targeted visitors to your website and convert them into customers. This article will outline the steps you should take to develop a comprehensive social media and Web marketing plan for your business. To maximize your organization’s success, this article will cover Web development, SEO, Web advertising, emails and e-newsletters, social media, social media content, monitoring your social media and Web marketing success and a social media and Web marketing check-list.

Retail Marketing SEO Long Island

Free Download: Marketing a Retailer

It is crucial for any retailer to have a strong, multi-faceted marketing plan in order to stand out from competition, attract new customers and create buzz about their products or services. This article will guide you through strategic planning and research, Web development, SEO, public relations, social media, marketing, advertising and networking for your retailer.

Restaurant Marketing Guide Long Island

Free Download: Marketing a Restaurant

It is essential for restaurants to market themselves effectively in order to create buzz, stand out from competition and ultimately attract customers. This article will outline the steps you need to take to develop a multi-faceted marketing plan for your restaurant. To help maximize your restaurant’s success, this article will help you define your restaurant, know your guests, conduct strategic planning and research, develop your website, enhance your SEO, develop a social media presence, and strengthen your restaurant’s public relations, marketing and advertising strategies.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide Long Island

Free Download: Marketing a Nonprofit

In order to market your nonprofit organization successfully, you must be able to promote your services, inform your audience about your programs and motivate people to donate and spread awareness for your nonprofit and its mission.This article will provide an overview of how to define your nonprofit organization, conduct strategic planning and research, engage your community, develop a strong Web presence, maximize your SEO, develop a public relations strategy, utilize social media service, advertise effectively, market your nonprofit and keep your audience informed.

Reputation Management Long Island New York

Free Download: Getting Started with Reputation Management

Negative publicity on the Internet can cost your business in both revenue and customers. While blogs and social media have transformed the way businesses communicate with the public, it’s also easier than ever for people to post negative, false or scandalous claims about businesses in a public media outlet. By simply posting damaging comments on review sites, blogs and social media sites, people can tarnish your business’ public image and reputation.

Web Design Graphic Design Firm New York

Free Download: Practical Guide to Developing Effective Websites

If you are starting a new business or organization, your website is one of your top priorities. In today’s digital world, those organizations that do not have a website, are not seen as a legitimate businesses in the eyes of a prospective buyer. As traditional marketing approaches become less effective, it has become increasingly important to concentrate the marketing efforts in your website and to effectively implement an online communications strategy to build your business.

SEO Firm Long Island New York

Free Download: Web Optimization Tips

One of the most common projects PRMG is asked to work on is to develop or re-develop a client’s website for the purpose of obtaining high search engine ranking. The download below provides an outline of the steps to take toward developing a strong website for improving search engine ranking, as well as some of the techniques the firm utilizes to acquire and maintain high rankings.

Social Media Firm Long Island

Free Whitepaper: Social Media For Non-Profits

Before the rise of social media, most non-profit organizations needed to either buy expensive advertising or receive media coverage to attract the attention of their target audience and spread awareness about their mission. The Web, however, acts as a great equalizer and offers tremendous potential for non-profit organizations to build a community that believes in its mission.

A recent annual survey on Long Island’s non-profit organizations found that only 40% of non-profits are using social media. Social media is one of the fastest growing channels for public relations and marketing today and by not tapping into social media, your non-profit organization may be missing out an opportunity to directly find and connect with those who are truly passionate about your cause.