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Laxworx Lacrosse Hardwall Rebounder 2.0 Helps Players Sharpen Their Skills

The Lacrosse Hardwall Rebounder 2.0 from Laxworx.

PATCHOGUE, NEW YORK — When Tom Schaefer was coaching his children’s lacrosse team, he bought them a softwall rebounder to help them with their ball handling skills. But he noticed that it was not very durable and that, over time, the wall’s surface and elasticity started to deteriorate, and the ball would not rebound as quickly. He also had them practice against a brick wall; while the ball rebounded faster than off a softwall rebounder, it did not return at the correct angle.

Every time a new rebounder broke down, Mr. Schaefer had to make a trip to the sporting goods store, which was time-consuming and expensive. “After buying the third one, I told my wife, ‘I think I’ll build my own rebounder,’” said Mr. Schaefer, who also owns and operates two businesses: Schaefer Boatworks, a custom builder of high-end boats and yachts, and T&M Fabrication, a producer of custom and mass-produced fiberglass tooling and parts for the marine, automotive, construction and entertainment industries. Along with his business partner, Mike Bergamine, T&M also makes complete products and sets of parts for buses, fleet trucks and stage sets for Disney.

In 2017, Mr. Schaefer formed Laxworx, a manufacturer and wholesale retailer of hardwall rebounder products for lacrosse players. Drawing upon his boat building experience with his company and his lacrosse playing days in his youth, he released the Lacrosse Hardwall Rebounder in 2018. Since then, Laxworx has sold several thousand Hardwall Rebounders through its website and several other lacrosse retail outlets.

This year, Laxworx released the Lacrosse Hardwall Rebounder 2.0. This upgrade to the original Rebounder has all-new features, including a sleek, extremely stable base/stand, leveling feet that are ideal for use on hard surfaces, and an improved finite playing angle adjustment system. Its patented design is incorporated into the high-density composite wall body.

“Each Laxworx Hardwall Rebounder 2.0, in its design, construction and finish, is a work of art,” Mr. Schaefer said. “It is handcrafted using high-end composite materials and production methods. The end product is a handsome, durable, sturdy, yacht-like quality and finish that will stand up to the elements for years to come.”

Using patent-pending technology from his other businesses, the Rebounder 2.0’s surface is made with marine-grade, UV-stabilized resins, stainless steel hardware, which can withstand the elements, and a patented design that allows for a very natural throw and rebound. “The performance of the Hardwall Rebounder 2.0 is vastly superior to all the softwall rebounders on the market today and will not fade,” Mr. Schaefer said. “The curved playing surface and performance are light years beyond the traditional softwall rebounders.”

Demand for the Rebounder 2.0 has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, as players had practices and seasons cancelled and were forced to often work on their skills at home. “This product will help the players improve their skills in anticipation of the spring season,” Mr. Schaefer said.

The Rebounder 2.0 is available for $749. Shipping is free. For more information, call (631) 615-6490 or visit


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