Advertise in Newsday’s Special Playoffs Section

Major League Baseball playoffs begin on October 5, and Newsday will be publishing a special section focusing on the New York Yankees! The pull-out section, which will be 12 pages previewing the Yankees’ playoff run, will have a full circulation run and will also be available online at

Ads are available in black and white or color, in a variety of sizes. A quarter-page ad in black and white will cost $2,910, a half-page ad in black and white will cost $4,847.25, and a full page in black and white will cost $8,084.50. For color, add 15%. The deadline for this section is Tuesday, October 2.

If your business is interested in advertising during the Major League Baseball playoffs, we would also recommend advertising on television. For more information about Cablevision’s playoff package, please read our advertising spotlight Advertise During the 2012 MLB Playoffs on Cablevision.

The Newsday special section is dependent upon the Yankees clinching a playoff spot. In the event that the Yankees do not clinch, this section will not run. If you are interested in placing an advertisement or for more information, please contact us at (631) 207-1057 or at