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The Public Relations and Marketing Group provides a full range of direct mail marketing services.  Direct mail remains one of the most effective methods to reach new prospects and nurture past and current customers and clients.

While we are big believers in social media and  e-mail marketing to keep in touch with customer bases, only with direct mail are you as certain that your communication with reach your customer. Whether it is a newsletter or special offer, you will want to supplement your social media and e-mail campaigns with direct mail.

To reach new customers, it is often necessary to use print, television, radio, outdoor or social media advertising.  However, if your target market is confined to a relatively small geographic area or demographic, then it will likely be cost-effective to use direct mail, whether it is the post office’s every door direct, standard bulk mail or first class mail. Similarly, for many B2B marketing or other consumer based marketing where a specialized list can be purchased, then direct mail is likely to provide the most cost-effective way to reach your targets.

Our firm specializes in working with clients to identify target markets and then developing and deploying the most effective creative that gets results.  We can take your direct mail project from beginning to end, including list purchases, developing and printing creative product, and providing mail house services.

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