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The Public Relations and Marketing Group is a full-service advertising agency providing television, radio, print and web advertising to Long Island and New York metro clients.

I don’t remember the score, but did you see that commercial?

You probably won’t remember the score, but chances are you’ll remember the commercials. Like a game-winning touchdown, a well-executed ad campaign scores. PRMG’s award-winning firm will tailor your message into a commercial that gets noticed.

In today’s cluttered retail environment, smaller locally owned retailers are forced to compete with huge national chains. It may seem like an unfair fight. The chains have millions of dollars to devote to their advertising and marketing efforts and many customers instantly recognize the brand behind bullseyes, big Ks and blue aprons.

Targeted advertising and marketing is the key to success for smaller retailers as well. In the local market, television and radio commercials and print advertisements level the playing field, allowing you to project a strong image and reach new customers. A website allows customers to find directions and store hours and even shop when your store is closed, and an e-newsletter lets you update customers on your latest sales and specials. Our strategies have helped a number of Long Island and New York metro-based retailers and firms compete and survive in the most difficult economic times.

The Public Relations and Marketing Group’s Long Island and New York City-based advertising staff can craft your message for any medium seamlessly. We apply the same high-quality production values and unique aesthetics to all of your print and online advertising, television and radio commercials, printed marketing materials and websites. Long Island and New York metro customers will be drawn to your business when they see your message, whether it’s on the page, on TV or online.

We do the work, you see the results.

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