Community Welcome Packets Greet New Homeowners

John recently moved to a new home with his family. One of the first pieces of mail he received was a Welcome Packet from Community Survey, a corporate outfit with a local franchise in Smithtown. The packet included coupons and gift certificates from a host of local retailers and service providers, as well as a welcome message from Community Survey.

These packets give local business owners a lot of potential to reach new homeowners in their towns. They are entirely affordable for organizations of any size and target a very specific demographic that is generally ready and able to spend a lot of money on things like home improvements. These families are also looking for local businesses to fill their day-to-day needs. Often the first shops and providers a new resident patronizes become the places he or she will frequent over the course of residency.

If you are looking to reach the new families in your town for as little as $25 per month, contact PRMG and we’ll help you get started.