Radio “Cyber Remotes” Pose Creative Advertising Option

After a meeting with the Long Island Radio Group today, I had to stop by and inform our readers of an interesting program about which I just learned. You may be familiar with the concept of a “station remote,” whereby a station’s radio personalities and vehicle will come to a business’s location and broadcast “live” from the remote location. We really only recommend such an event for a large client looking to advertise a major, specific promotion. However, there is now a competitive alternative, through online, interactive “cyber remotes.”

Rather than insisting that listeners “COME ON DOWN” to receive an exclusive offer, these online “events” allow listeners to log on to the station’s webstite during a designated time period to “sign the guestbook.” Then, the “guest” can go to the location anytime over the course of the following month to receive the promotion.  For example, if a car dealership’s promotion is a year of free car washes with any test drive, the listener has all month to go in and test drive a car to receive the free washes, after they sign on to the cyber remote. The guestbook, full of contact information for qualified leads, is provided to the advertiser after the cyber remote for follow-up purposes.

The exclusive offer available through the online event is promoted by an on-air schedule of radio advertising to create awareness and enthusiasm about the advertiser’s deal. The advertiser receives exposure through the paid on-air ads, as well as a feature on the station’s homepage, inclusion in the station’s e-newsletter, and additional mentions during the station’s calendar items.

If this sounds like something your business might be interested in, give us a call and we can help you work out a creative solution.