Spotlight on Advertising: DirecTV Advertising

DirecTV is a national satellite service provider and broadcaster. Since 1994, they have only been capable of selling national ads due to the nature of satellite broadcasting. However, they have now developed a new technology as part of their household-addressable platform that enables regional advertising. The satellite signal can now send down local ad spots and store them in the consumers’ DVR boxes, until the time comes for the spots to insert themselves into national programming. The local insertions will be seamless.

In 2012, they will begin offering sales in 25 designated market areas (DMAs) across the country, including New York. For the first time, local advertisers will be able to target DirecTV subscribers in only the wider metro area around New York City, rather than the whole country. The New York DMA covers southern New York, including Long Island, northern New Jersey and parts of Connecticut. Approximately 270,000 DirecTV subscribers in the New York DMA will have the ability to receive local ads.

This offering will present a new option for advertisers used to Cablevision, FiOS and Time Warner.

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