Long Island Television and Video Production Services

The Public Relations and Marketing Group provides television commercial production, public service announcements, long-form video production for cable broadcast and webcast purposes for Long Island and New York metro-based clients.
Love it or hate it, television has revolutionized the business world. Many of PRMG’s television production clients are small businesses, non-profits or law firms with big dreams. Our clients have come to us to produce commercials, documentaries, direct marketing videos and web content to help achieve those dreams.

Television advertising is a cost-effective way to reach the most potential customers in the shortest time on Long Island and in the New York metro area. The cost of production and airtime for a commercial is a wise investment and is surprisingly affordable, even for small businesses. Television advertising brings the message into customers’ homes and instantly brands the company as a leader in its field.

Direct marketing is another powerful use of PRMG’s Television Production services. A DVD illustrates all the lifestyle benefits the product or service provides, with more effectiveness than a brochure. Unlike junk mail which ends up unread, people will watch a video. Many organizations have come to PRMG for a boost in fundraising efforts. A historical or issue-based documentary showing the organization’s goals and achievements can secure grants, donations and media attention more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional methods.

PRMG’s Long Island and New York-based video production agency's staff produces broadcast-quality television commercials, public service announcements, direct marketing videos, and webinars, as well as corporate training videos. PRMG’s award-winning staff will tailor your message into a commercial that gets noticed and attracts customers. We do the work, you see the results.
Contact johnzaher@theprmg.com or call 1-855-PRMG-123 today to learn how your commercial can air on major cable networks for as little as $5 per spot.
The Public Relations and Marketing Group provides the following video production services to its Long Island and New York metro area clients:

Television Advertising and Digital Video Production Services

.: Commercial Advertising
.: Public Service Announcements
.: Long Form Organization and Company Overviews
.: Public and Leased Access
.: Web Video Streaming
.: Direct Marketing Videos
.: Webinars
.: Media Buys