Advertise with Able Newspaper Fall Issues

Although we’re still in the midst of the sizzling summer, Able Newspaper is gearing up for their upcoming fall issues. Able is a newspaper that features news that pertains to people with disabilities, including a calendar of events, columns written by various experts and a variety of informative articles. The newspaper is mailed to a specific population that includes disabled individuals, their families, involved professionals, volunteers and other interested parties. It is also distributed to key locations that are frequented by this population. Able is offering advertising plans for those looking to promote their programs, products or services and reach this targeted audience.

The deadlines for the fall issues are as follows:
September – August 9
October – September 6
November – October 11
December – November 8

If your company is interested in placing an ad with Able, please contact us at (631) 207-1057.