Strategies for Sticking to Your 2014 Business Marketing Resolutions

Happy New Year 2014

The New Year is upon us and many businesses are making resolutions for 2014. Including a marketing resolution for your business, can help a business receive the recognition and attention that it deserves. Marketing allows the public to identify what your company has to offer thereby attracting more customers to a product or service. Marketing increases brand awareness/name recognition, breaks companies into new markets, and improves product placement, which ultimately enhances business sales.

Below are six strategies to consider when creating your business’s New Year’s resolutions:

  • What services does your business need? – Each business can benefit from different types of marketing programs. Your business may need assistance with advertisinggraphic and web designvideo productionpublic relations, and/or the creation of a new marketing plan. Consider using a brainstorm session with your employees to decide which areas your business needs improvement and why.
  • Envision success – Remember you have to spend money to make money. Think about the target audience you’d like to reach.If they’re younger, focus your marketing on social media or Google ad words. If they’re older, use traditional marketing efforts such as direct mail, trade shows and print ads. Thinking about how your audience receives information can be the key to marketing success.
  • Think about what your company can offer to these markets – What makes your company stand out? Do you have more than one “wow factor”? Remember to inform your potential customers about all of the products/services available that can enhance their lives. Provide as much information to the public as you possibly can. Release photos, press releasesvideos, and social media posts to attract media attention – people still read and listen to the news, which can get the public talking about your business and eventually lead to an increase in sales.
  • Make a plan – Successful marketing takes time; develop a solid marketing plan to review your business’ needs and create future goals. An effective marketing plan includes understanding your target audiences’ needs, reviewing your competitors’ marketing initiatives, differentiating your business from the clutter and managing your budget. How are you going to make your business stand out? Are you going to improve upon the same marketing tactics that competitors use or are you going to think outside of the box and generate your own marketing campaign?
  • Budget your time and money – Make sure your business has the time and finances to properly execute marketing campaigns. For instance, writing a weekly blog can be time consuming, especially if you have other projects on your radar. Make sure the employee in charge of the various marketing projects is consistently able to make updates. Don’t start a project and put it on hold for a month – marketing efforts are most effective when done consistently over a long period of time.
  • Do you need outside help? – Your busy staff may not have the time to effectively execute marketing tasks that you have planned. Instead of piling more tasks on your employees’ heavy workload, consider hiring a marketing firm to constantly keep your business consistently in the public eye. A fully integrated firm can help you with one or several service areas and will already have years of experience under their belt.

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