What Are Takeover Emails?

Over the past decade, email blasts have become a very popular tool for small businesses to directly target consumers. Takeover topics are up to you, but our clients generally prefer to send e-newsletters/company announcements or advertisements with calls-to-action.

Takeover emails are email blasts on steroids.  They are sent out by a website, newspaper, magazine, or other organization to their own subscriber list. This means that you can leverage the subscriber lists of much larger corporate entities to send an email featuring only your ad/news.  It’s a quick way to reach a larger audience. They can be a great way to announce a new location, a grand opening, or to promote an upcoming event or sale.

Many different publications offer takeover email blasts as a low-risk advertising option for local businesses. Newsday, Dan’s Papers, the Long Island Herald, the Long Island Press, and even specialty publications such as NY MetroParent magazine all offer takeover or proprietary email blasts. Deciding which publication to use for a takeover email blast is highly dependent on your business and the audience you are looking to reach with your ad. Businesses located on the East End of Long Island that are looking to reach residents of the East End should consider Dan’s Papers, while businesses interested in reaching a large audience in Nassau and/or Suffolk County should consider Newsday.

Dan’s Papers offers takeover emails for approximately $1000/email blast to their list of over 16,000 subscribers.  With an average open rate of 20%, you’re likely to reach thousands of new potential clients!

For a limited time only, The Public Relations and Marketing Group (PRMG) has been offered discounted rates on takeover emails.  If you are interested in takeover email blasts or have any questions about your digital advertising strategy, contact 1-855-PRMG-123 or info@theprmg.com.