Long Island Inventor Coach Brian Fried Emerges as the Authority in Innovation

LONG ISLAND, NY – Brian Fried, a distinguished inventor, entrepreneur and mentor, is solidifying his position as the leading figure in the innovation space, offering exclusive insights and guidance to individuals across Long Island and beyond.

With over 15 patents to his name, Mr. Fried has earned acclaim for his groundbreaking inventions, including the Snack-O-Sphere and Paper Towel Topper. Leveraging his extensive experience, Mr. Fried is on a mission to demystify the invention journey and empower aspiring innovators from all walks of life.

Through his suite of enterprises, including Inventor Smart, Inventor Smart Community App, Inventor Class, National Inventor Club, Got Invention Radio, and Got Invention Show, Mr. Fried provides a platform for inventors to connect, learn, and thrive. His dedication to mentoring extends beyond Long Island, with Mr. Fried guiding inventors worldwide through every stage of the invention process.

Mr. Fried has been featured on direct response infomercials including As Seen on TV and prominent networks such as the Food Network, CBS News, VH1, and QVC. His insights have been sought after by publications like The New York Times, Inventors Digest, and Newsday.

In addition, Mr. Fried is a three-time author, having written essential innovation guides including You and Your Big Ideas, Inventing Secrets Revealed, and How to Make Money with Your Invention Idea: An Inventor’s Quick Startup Guide.

Whether you’re a budding inventor or an established entrepreneur, Brian Fried is your go-to resource for turning innovative ideas into successful ventures. For more information, visit www.BrianFried.com

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Mr. Fried, please contact Kaitlyn Tascarella at kaitlyn@theprmg.com or (631) 310-4351.


About Brian Fried:
Brian Fried is a distinguished inventor, entrepreneur, and public figure with 15 patents to his name and known for his inventions such as the Snack-O-Sphere and the Paper Towel Topper. Mr. Fried is the founder of Inventor Smart, National Inventor Club, Got Invention Radio, Got Invention Show and Inventor Class, providing resources and education for inventors worldwide. As a three-time author, Brian shares his insights from his books such as How to Make Money with Your Invention Idea. He is also a mentor, guiding a diverse range of innovators through every stage of the invention process.

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