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Inventor Coach Brian Fried to Attend The Inspired Home Show

Offering Expert Guidance to Innovators

CHICAGO, IL – Brian Fried, renowned inventor, entrepreneur and mentor, will be a featured presence at the upcoming Inspired Home Show at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, March 17-18, 2024. As he guides inventors through the product development journey, Mr. Fried will focus on forging strategic partnerships with potential licensees and established brands during the event.


With over 15 patents to his name, and having founded platforms such as Inventor Smart and the National Inventor Club, Mr. Fried is a public figure with a notable presence in the innovation industry. With an impressive track record of success, Mr. Fried has garnered significant attention through his innovative creations such as the Snack-O-Sphere and the Paper Towel Topper. He is also a three-time author, having written books like “How to Make Money with Your Invention Idea,” and his expertise has been featured on various prominent networks, including CBS News, VH1, and QVC. Currently, Mr. Fried dedicates most of his time toward supporting inventors at every stage of their journey, from concept to market.


“I’m excited to attend the Inspired Home Show and connect with licensees interested in carrying my clientele’s innovative inventions,” Mr. Fried says. “My goal is to create meaningful connections that will not only benefit the inventors, but also resonate with consumers.”


During the event, Mr. Fried will also collaborate with members of the National Inventor Club and the Inventor Smart Community app, as well as interview exhibitors for his acclaimed podcast, “Got Invention Show.”


For inventors interested in connecting with Mr. Fried at the Inspired Home Show, or exploring representation opportunities for their products, visit to schedule a call.




About Brian Fried:

Brian Fried is a distinguished inventor, entrepreneur, and public figure with 15 patents to his name and known for his inventions such as the Snack-O-Sphere and the Paper Towel Topper. Mr. Fried is the founder of Inventor Smart, National Inventor Club, Got Invention Radio, Got Invention Show and Inventor Class, providing resources and education for inventors worldwide. As a three-time author, Brian shares his insights from his books such as “How to Make Money with Your Invention Idea.” He is also a mentor, guiding a diverse range of innovators through every stage of the invention process.

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