Republican Suffolk DA Candidate Ray Tierney Calls for Special Prosecutor to Look into Unsolved Gilgo Beach Murders

DA Tim Sini’s Failed Leadership Part of the Problem

Ray Tierney, Republican candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, says he supports New York State Senator Phil Boyle’s demands to bring in a special prosecutor to look into the murders that occurred at Gilgo Beach and remain unsolved to this day.

On June 28, Senator Boyle held a press conference at Oak Beach County Park to demand answers from Suffolk County officials regarding the investigation into victims found near Gilgo Beach. At the press conference, he spoke about the criminal case involving former Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke and what happened the following three years was “a coverup,” not just by Mr. Burke, but by then-District Attorney Thomas Spota and Mr. Spota’s aide, Christopher McPartland.

Senator Boyle criticized Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, a Democrat, for failing to immediately fire Mr. Burke. He also said that the residents of Suffolk County need to know whether or not Mr. Burke was involved and if the police did enough in its investigation of the murders. Mr. Tierney said the political corruption within law enforcement and county government, along with the lack of supervision of Mr. Burke, has contributed to these murders going unsolved.

“This is what happens when you hand key positions in county government to a political operative like Tim Sini,” Mr. Tierney said. “Jimmy Burke was able to flourish due to the culture of corruption that exists in Suffolk County government. Tim Sini contributed to that culture of corruption when, as Deputy County Executive in charge of Public Safety, he refused to act for 16 months and allowed Mr. Burke, Mr. Spota and Mr. McPartland to operate with impunity within the county. His reward for such negligent inaction was an appointment as SCPD commissioner, a job for which he was grossly unqualified.”

Mr. Tierney said that, now that he is District Attorney, Mr. Sini has systematically eliminated all outside oversight into the investigation of these murders, which is particularly egregious in a case like this, and where the list of potentially involved parties includes many public officials with significant ties to Mr. Sini. “This case needs outside oversight to ensure that it is not business as usual in Suffolk County and the people of Suffolk County need a strong, independent voice fighting to keep them as their District Attorney,” he said.

“We need a special prosecutor that is willing to take a proactive approach to these cases and find out who is responsible,” Mr. Tierney said. “It’s sad for the families of these victims that they go on unsolved. The public should be concerned there is still likely a serial killer still on the loose. It is clear there is very little confidence in the county executive, the police department’s and district attorney’s leadership in apprehending and prosecuting the perpetrator of these heinous crimes.”

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Republican Suffolk DA Candidate Ray Tierney Says Parole Reform Will Further Endanger Residents

Ray Tierney (center), Republican candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, attended a press conference in Riverhead on June 4 that was held by the Suffolk County contingent of New York State Republicans, including (left to right) Mario Mattera, Alexis Weik, Anthony Palumbo and Phil Boyle, all of whom spoke out against the New York liberal Democrats’ bail and parole reform measures, which will let even more dangerous criminals out on the streets.

Liberal State Lawmakers are Making the Same Mistake as They Did with Bail Reform as Crime Rates Spike throughout New York State and Suffolk County

When the Democratic Party assumed control of both houses of the New York State Legislature in 2020, their first act was bail reform. By allowing those accused of all but the most violent crimes to go free without posting bail, crime has risen throughout New York State and Suffolk County.

In Suffolk County, from 2019 to 2020, homicides were up 25% and motor vehicle thefts were up 50%. Residential and commercial burglaries went up as well, from 900 in 2019 to 973 last year. These increases occurred, despite stay-at-home orders. Meanwhile, identity theft shot up 85% across the state last year.

Ray Tierney, Republican candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, says the Democrat-controlled state Senate and Assembly are now looking to reform the state’s parole system, which will only release more criminals. Proposals include releasing longtime prisoners 55 years old and over and those already eligible for parole and lessening sentences for those who violate the conditions of their parole. “Thanks to the soft-on-crime liberal Democrats, there will be more of New York’s most dangerous, recidivist criminals back on our streets,” he said. “Crime is already spiraling out of control and our neighborhoods are becoming less safe.”

Liberal lawmakers have even introduced a bill that would wipe away past criminal records, including those convicted of felonies. “At a time of mass workplace shootings and sexual assaults, this will hamstring employers who use criminal background checks to help keep their employees safe,” Mr. Tierney said. “Democrats are appealing to the most liberal elements of their party and are blind to the impact it is having on law enforcement, prosecutors and the safety of our communities. Our current DA has been silent as his Democrat colleagues push their liberal agenda. I will stand up for victims and the safety of Suffolk residents.”

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Republican Suffolk DA Candidate Ray Tierney Receives Endorsement from Democrat DuWayne Gregory

Ray Tierney, Republican candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, has announced he has received the endorsement from former Suffolk County Presiding Officer and current Babylon Town Councilman DuWayne Gregory, a Democrat. Mr. Gregory has never crossed the aisle and endorsed a Republican candidate, but was compelled in this race.

“In my 30 years of active politics on Long Island, I have NEVER endorsed a Republican,” Mr. Gregory said. “This year, that changes. I fully endorse Ray Tierney for Suffolk DA. Ray has the experience and the credentials to be a great District Attorney. For more than 26 years, he has been a prosecutor with a strong record of convictions on violent street gangs including MS-13 cases, political corruption and sexual abuse. He has walked the walk in every courthouse. He is a breath of fresh air, and he is what we need.”

“I am proud and honored to have Councilman Gregory’s endorsement and support for my campaign,” Mr. Tierney said. “Councilman Gregory, a veteran, has a long history of serving the people of our County with honor and distinction in the Legislature and in Babylon Town. I look forward to having Councilman Gregory help me on my campaign for the District Attorney’s race. I want to take politics out of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office and truly serve the people, all of the people, whether Democrat or Republican, of our great County.”

“As a former prosecutor for the Suffolk District Attorney’s office, U.S. attorney and Executive Assistant at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, I worked with prosecutors of different political persuasions,” he said. “When it comes to enforcing the law, there is no room for politics or the influence of self-serving special interests. Only the law and blind justice the residents of Suffolk County demand from this most sacred elected office.”

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