Village of Islandia Holds September 11th Memorial Ceremony at First Responders Memorial

Commemorates 20 Years Since the Terrorist Attack on America

Mayor Allan M. Dorman (front row, fifth from left) poses with village board members, employees and residents and members of the Col. Francis S. Midura Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #12144 after the September 11th Memorial Ceremony at the First Responders Memorial on September 10. The village remembered five local first responders who died during the 9/11 attacks.

On September 10, the Village of Islandia held a special ceremony at the First Responders Memorial in honor of the memory of five local first responders who were killed during the September 11, 2001 attacks: Raymond M. Meisenheimer, Peter Brennan, John P. Napolitano. Glen K. Pettit and William J. Mahoney, Jr. This event commemorated the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Mayor Allan M. Dorman was joined by village elected officials, employees and residents and members of the Col Francis S. Midura Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #12144 in remembering those who lost their lives during the 9/11 attacks.


The mayor scheduled the ceremony for the 10th to give the residents the opportunity to attend other September 11th memorial ceremonies throughout Long Island the following day.


The First Responders Memorial was unveiled on June 2, 2018. It features five plaques, one for each of the five local residents who lost their lives that day. Mayor Dorman said this ceremony will continue to be held at the Memorial to remember those who perished that day.


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Incorporated in 1985, the Village of Islandia is home to over 3,000 residents and over 1,300 businesses. The village’s proximity to New York City and the North and South shores of Long Island make Islandia an attractive destination for residents and businesses who may be thinking of relocating to Long Island. For more information, please visit


Rubin & Rosen Adjusters Urges Homeowners to File Claims for Damage Caused by Hurricane Ida

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — For five days, Hurricane Ida slammed its way up the eastern seaboard of the U.S., causing flooding, downed power lines, and mass destruction. Many houses were damaged as the result of fallen trees and flooding during the hurricane.

James Guercio of Rubin & Rosen Adjusters says homeowners should assess the damage from Ida immediately and contact a public insurance adjuster as soon as possible. “We are currently receiving claims from homeowners whose houses were damaged, but a majority of claims we are getting involve trees falling onto homes and flooding,” he says. “If your home has suffered damage as a result of Ida, don’t wait. File your claim now.”

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McPeak’s Urges Visitors to Celebrate National Grandparents’ Day Safely

[Patchogue, New York] — Sunday, September 12 will mark National Grandparents Day, a special day to honor the families’ elders and celebrate the familial bonds between the young and old. The holiday’s beginnings can be traced back to 1956 — the same year that McPeak’s Assisted Living was founded.
Marian McQuade, a West Virginia resident, was helping put together a celebration for seniors over the age of 80 when she noticed that the local nursing home residents were alone and had no one to visit them. From there, she sought to establish a holiday for all grandparents and those seniors who may have been forgotten by their families.
In 1973, West Virginia became the first state to establish Grandparents Day. Five years later, Congress passed a bill declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day to be Grandparents Day.
According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the number of grandparents has grown since 2001, from 56 million to 70 million. By 2030, twenty percent of the U.S. population will turn 65. The AARP points out that 96% of those who are 65 years old are already grandparents.
In the past, families would come out to local assisted living facilities to visit Grandma and Grandpa, but when the pandemic spread across the U.S., visitations were not allowed. When the statewide infection rate started to drop, New York State loosened its requirements, but still demanded that visitors wear masks and test negative for COVID-19. McPeak’s is encouraging family members to follow the facility’s COVID-19 visitation policy. That includes, among other things, scheduling visits in advance, limiting visits to 30 minutes and only allowing family members ages 13 and older into the facility. For more information regarding visits at McPeak’s, go to
“I understand that children would like to see their grandparents on this very special day, but the coronavirus has changed the way we are allowing family members to meet with their loved ones,” said James McPeak, Owner, McPeak’s Assisted Living. “We have implemented our own visitation policy to make sure our residents and their loved ones stay safe. Older people are more susceptible to the virus, so it is important that all health and safety protocols are followed to make this year’s National Grandparents Day an enjoyable one.”
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Huntington Town Supervisor Candidate Ed Smyth Receives Endorsements from All Suffolk County Police Associations

Public safety advocate and Huntington Town Supervisor candidate Ed Smyth received the unanimous endorsement of the Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions.

“Your family’s safety is my first concern. Public safety depends on a trusting partnership with law enforcement. As Supervisor, I will continue to work with police to ensure your family’s safety.” Mr. Smyth said. “Our police safeguard our neighborhoods and maintain our quality of life. I’m honored to receive their unanimous endorsement and look forward to working with the 2nd Precinct and all law enforcement in Huntington.”

The Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions is comprised of the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association (PBA), the Suffolk County Detective Investigators PBA, the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, the Suffolk County Superior Officers Association, the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff’s PBA, the Suffolk County Police Conference and the Suffolk County Detectives Association.

Upon reviewing all the candidates, the Coalition decided that Mr. Smyth was the most qualified, and voted unanimously to support his election as Town Supervisor.

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Rubin & Rosen Adjusters Urges Homeowners to Reexamine Their Insurance Policies for National Preparedness Month

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season will be an active one. The NOAA predicts that this hurricane season will see 13 to 20 named storms, with about half of them becoming hurricanes. Several major hurricanes have already caused mass destruction, including loss of property and life.
In conjunction with National Preparedness Month, James Guercio of Rubin & Rosen Adjusters urges homeowners to review their insurance policies, especially in areas such as Long Island and New York City that are prone to hurricanes and Nor’easters. He advises that they consult with their insurance companies to determine what is covered, and what isn’t, before the next natural disaster strikes.
National Preparedness Month promotes family and community disaster planning now and throughout the rest of the year. A disaster preparedness plan includes planning out communications between friends and family, stocking up on necessary supplies and knowing the risk of disasters in the area. Mr. Guercio said homeowners should also make reviewing the coverage in their insurance policies as part of their disaster planning.
“There are three components to each homeowner’s policy: building, personal property and additional living expenses,” Mr. Guercio says. “If one coverage is deficient on a significant claim, it can cause extreme stress on a family trying to recover.”
Mr. Guercio also says homeowners should take a proactive approach when preparing for the next catastrophic event. “Before the next storm hits, have your roof inspected for any loose or missing shingles to prevent water damage,” Mr. Guercio says. “Clean out the gutters and liners and have the trees on your property inspected, pruned, shaped or removed to prevent future damages.”
He also reminded homeowners to see if flooding is covered in their policies. “A flood with surface water is not covered in a homeowner’s policy,” he says. “Flood insurance will cover surface water entering the home, even if the house isn’t in a flood zone. These are things homeowners should not overlook.”
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Ray Tierney Details Timeline of Arrest of Justin K. Smith

Says Current DA Had Numerous Opportunities to Indict Him for Felony Drug Possession, But Failed to Do So

Last week, Suffolk District Attorney Tim Sini held a press conference to congratulate himself for the arrest of Justin Smith and claimed that Mr. Smith bears responsibility in the overdose deaths that occurred in the east end of Long Island between August 5 and August 13, 2021. According to reports, in total, there were nine overdoses and six deaths as a result of drug dealers mixing fentanyl with cocaine.

While Mr. Smith certainly bears criminal responsibility, Mr. Sini, as usual, omitted numerous facts from his press conference that prove that, if Mr. Sini was doing his job, these tragic deaths would never have occurred.  This is what really happened:


  • Justin K. Smith was first arrested in 1995. Ray Tierney prosecuted Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith pleaded guilty to the robbery and remained in jail for 12 years, getting paroled in May of 2007.
  • In November 2007, Mr. Smith was once again arrested and charged with felony possession of narcotics with intent to sell. Once again, he pleaded guilty and received a sentence of three years’ incarceration. (This second felony conviction is important because it makes Mr. Smith a second felony offender under existing New York state law.  This means that, if Mr. Smith is convicted of a third felony, the prosecutor can seek a very heavy sentence, up to and including a sentence of life imprisonment.)
  • In October 2020, the East End Drug Task Force was able to make four separate felony drug buys involving Mr. Smith. Any one of these drug buys, if indicted by the District Attorney, would have been enough to charge Smith with a felony and he would be looking at life imprisonment. The District Attorney did not indict Mr. Smith on the prior drug sales.
  • In February 2021, a full six months before those six victims on the east end lost their lives, the District Attorney executed a search warrant at a residence controlled by Mr. Smith and recovered felony amounts of cocaine, crack cocaine and fentanyl. Again, the District Attorney did not indict the case.

**A drug dealer mixes fentanyl with drugs such as crack and powdered cocaine. Cocaine is expensive. Drug dealers will buy cocaine and look to increase their profits by adding non-narcotic fillers to the cocaine, such as mannitol and baby powder, so they can sell more of it. Of course, stretching out the cocaine in this manner makes it less potent, so the drug dealers will add the relatively cheap fentanyl to the mixture to fool their customers into thinking they are not getting ripped off. Fentanyl is a powerful end-of-life narcotic that is highly addictive and very dangerous. In fact, it is so dangerous that it is usually only prescribed to terminally ill patients. One slight misstep in the mixture could lead to a string of overdoses, which is exactly what happened on the east end six months later in August.

Suffolk DA Candidate Ray Tierney Comments on Tim Sini’s Press Conference on Arrests of Overdose Deaths

Last week, DA Tim Sini held a self-congratulatory press conference to announce the arrest of Justin K. Smith (and a co-defendant) in the case of six fatal overdoses on Long Island’s East End.

He failed to mention that, in October 2020, Mr. Smith had been arrested on multiple felony counts for selling drugs, including fentanyl.  Mr. Sini’s office failed to indict him and released him the same day without bail.

Again, in February 2021, they executed a search warrant at a residence controlled by Mr. Smith, recovering felony amounts of cocaine, crack cocaine and fentanyl.  “Mr. Sini’s office failed again to indict Mr. Smith and he was released,” said Ray Tierney, Republican and Conservative candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney.  “The senseless loss of six lives was the result of DA Tim Sini’s incompetence.  Mr. Smith should have been in prison and not on the streets. I am setting the record straight today because Mr. Sini routinely omits key facts during press conferences and doesn’t take questions.”

Mr. Tierney added: “My heart goes out to the families of the victims.  The influence of drugs attacks our children and our communities.  It’s one thing to hold press conferences to announce arrests, but it’s an entirely another thing to do the job you’ve been elected to do as District Attorney.  It’s style over substance, and Suffolk residents continue to pay the price.”

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Suffolk DA Candidate Ray Tierney Comments on Arrests of Drug Dealers Allegedly Responsible for Multiple Overdoses on Long Island’s North Fork

Ray Tierney, Republican and Conservative candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, is available to speak on the arrests of two drug dealers in connection with nine overdoses in the towns of Southold and Shelter Island. The victims overdosed on cocaine laced with fentanyl, resulting in six deaths.

“Mr. Sini is celebrating the arrests of two street-level drug dealers related to the overdose deaths of six individuals, but, once again, he is reacting to a mass tragedy rather than working to prevent one,” Mr. Tierney said. “Of course, our DA will not discuss the flood of fentanyl coming through our unprotected Southern border and directly to our streets, which is responsible for this tragedy in the first place. The DA’s drug enforcement policy is a tremendous failure, as evidenced by the number of opioid overdoses, which continue to spiral out of control. Instead of reacting to tragedy by arresting street-level dealers, he should follow the evidence to the kingpins who are making a fortune off poisoning our citizens by importing massive amounts of dangerous drugs into our county. Until that happens, tragedies like this will continue to occur. As an experienced prosecutor, I took down major narcotics traffickers, including the boss of the notorious Colombian Norte del Valle drug cartel, who alone was responsible for importing over 80 tons of cocaine into the United States. As DA, I will spearhead the investigations, prosecutions and convictions of all those kingpins responsible for bringing these dangerous drugs into our communities, no matter where they operate. Unfortunately, until that happens, the carnage will continue. No amount of new legislation can counteract the ill effects of an incompetent and ineffective District Attorney.”

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Suffolk County DA Candidate Ray Tierney Condemns Cuomo’s Actions While Sini Remains Silent

Ray Tierney, the Republican candidate for Suffolk County District Attorney, has once again condemned the actions of former Governor Andrew Cuomo while calling out his opponent, Tim Sini, for remaining silent in the face of mounting evidence of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior and guilt.

In a statement today, Mr. Tierney said, “Today marks the end of an era in New York politics. Governor Cuomo has resigned. Notwithstanding Cuomo’s blatant attacks on so many innocent women, his dangerous actions that have taken so many Suffolk County lives in our nursing homes, and his support of far-left policies that have created record-breaking crime rates, Tim Sini has been his loyal supporter throughout, and, in so doing, has failed to adequately protect the people of Suffolk County.”

With both the resignation of Governor Cuomo and the sentencing of former District Attorney Tom Spota and his top aide Christopher McPartland, Mr. Tierney goes on to say, “Today’s events, both in Albany and in the federal courthouse in Central Islip, while encouraging, are not enough. Those in positions of power must speak truth to power. Tim Sini has never spoken up, and he’s been richly rewarded for it. I have spent my career fighting for the citizens of Suffolk. That fight is not over!”

Tierney has stated throughout his campaign that he will investigate any of Cuomo’s policies that inflicted harm on the people of Suffolk County.

Mr. Tierney’s prosecutorial career spans more than 26 years. After graduating from St. John’s Law School, he began his career in the Suffolk DA’s office, prosecuting major crimes involving sexual assault, domestic violence, child exploitation, arson, kidnapping and murder. He continued his career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and later as a Brooklyn Executive Assistant DA, wherein he was in charge of the Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau, Crime Strategies Unit and Body Worn Camera Unit and was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of violent street gangs.

Mr. Tierney has received numerous honors for his work in prosecuting MS-13 and Colombian drug cartel bosses. He was also personally recognized by the President of the United States at the 2018 State of the Union address.

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Suffolk DA Candidate Ray Tierney Comments on Sentencing of Former DA Thomas Spota and His Former Aide Christopher McPartland

Upon learning of today’s sentencing of former Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota and his former aide, Christopher McPartland, Suffolk DA candidate Ray Tierney commented on the DA’s office and its longstanding pattern of political corruption.

“The DA’s office that operated under Thomas Spota and is currently run by Tim Sini has been tainted by political corruption,” Mr. Tierney said. “As DA, I will seek comprehensive reform in Suffolk County on how we review and prosecute alleged abuses and crimes committed by elected officials and by members of law enforcement. Our system clearly failed with respect to the actions of James Burke that led to the conviction of the former DA and his assistant. It is a sad day for law enforcement.”

Mr. Tierney also reflected on his approach if he is elected DA in November. “I will bring integrity in a DA’s office that has been plagued for decades by politically motivated prosecutions,” he said. “When it comes to enforcing the law, there is no room for politics or the influence of self-serving interests. The residents of Suffolk County demand no less from this most sacred elected office.”

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